the Torah:

the Torah:

the Torah: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi the Torah:

Of the saw in a dream that he did not recite the Torah knows, the man who goes the doctrine of fatalism and determinism.
It is believed that the Torah has, the king was a Muslim country from the land of open enemies, or reconciliation with them on what he wants. But if he knew or note increased excelled in what it teaches, or money to the people of the doctrine of the passions.
and possibly shown to the meeting to see the Torah or the presence of Balgaúb lost.
and perhaps Del book is from his family. The seer was single, he married his religion is, and perhaps even his travels abounded with books of the Torah. And that his wife was pregnant, had a child in which suspicion, as well as the rule in other books.Perhaps he married a woman without a seer, Crown, and perhaps tenth of the spoils with his religion, and see only the Holy Book of books and newspapers in a dream indicates the good old things to employers. Shows to see the Torah and the Bible to see the Prophet peace be upon him, or to engage in licensing. And the vision of the Torah in a dream indicates wisdom and knowledge and guidance. It had a pregnant woman and saw the Bible in his hand, and his wife, a daughter was born because the name of the Torah feminine. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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