Islamic dream interpretation a-z

Islamic dream interpretation is a very popular topic in the whole Muslim world. true and good dreams are rare, the false dream is common by the false interpreters. and each dream is unique, as we will find in this section of this introduction.

islamic dream interpretation

As dreams are thus complicated and vary in meanings depending on the source, the contents, interpretations, and variations.

It also depends on manifestations, time, season, cultures, acceptable witnesses, elements, conditions, definition, subject, phrasing, perception, purity, wisdom, and one’s own understanding of his dream, etc.,

it seems appropriate in this section of the introduction to illustrate some rare dreams and to help the reader better evaluate his dreams. interpretation concept is once.

• Abdullah bin Omar, God be pleased with both of them, related that in his youth, he wished to see a true dream and to hear its interpretation from God’s Prophet, upon whom be peace.

At that time, God’s Messenger (ﷺ) used to ask people if they saw any dream and he interpreted them accordingly.

Abdullah once prayed: “Lord, if Thou reserves any good for me, then let me see a dream that will be interpreted by God’s Messenger, upon whom be peace.”

One night, Abdullah saw a dream where two angels took him and brought him before a third angel who addressed Abdullah saying: “You are a righteous man.

Do not merely talk!” The angels then took him to visit hell-fire, which was folded up like a well. In it, he saw some people he knew, but the angels pulled him away from them to the right.

When Abdullah woke up, he told his dream to his sister HafJaa, the wife of God’s Prophet, upon whom be peace.

In turn, Hafsa, God be pleased with her, related the dream to God’s Messenger (ﷺ) who commented: “Indeed, Abdullah is a righteous man.

It will be good for him if he increases his prayers at night.” Consequently, Abdullah was more regular about his (Suh/LR) night prayers. ( bad dreams Sahih Muslim seek refuge ).

 Do you know The origion of Dream interpretion was arabic?

Dream Interpreter ( Islamic dream interpretation)

analyzing your dreams In dream interpretation need some kind of wisdom. Some dream interpreters agree that dreams are seen by the soul and are understood by one’s consciousness.

Shaikh Abdul Ghani Nabulsi explains in his book Ta’atir-ul Anum that “the soul resides within one’s heart, and the functions of the heart are dictated by one’s brain.

When one falls asleep, his soul becomes like an extended ray of light, or like a sun, where he can see what the angel of dreams reveals to him through the effulgent light of his Lord.

When one’s senses come to wakefulness, it is as though a cloud has come to cover the sunlight. When one wakes up, he may remember through his soul what the angel of dreams has shown him.” Someone said: “Spiritual feelings are greater than one’s physical awareness.

For the soul represents the truth, and the senses can only recognize what is physically perceivable.” For a dream interpreter, it is also necessary to know that the soil is different from one land to another because each soil is watered by a different quality of water.

That is why dream interpretation may vary from one land to another. As we explained earlier, dream interpretation requires concise knowledge that must be based on the fundamentals of one’s religion, inner spiritual values, and moral and cultural traditions.

Dreams also are influenced by the atmospheric condition of the land and culture. For example, if one who lives in a hot country sees snow or hail in his dream, it means rising prices or drought.

On the other hand, if one lives in a cold country and sees snow, rain, and hail, it means a good harvest and prosperity.

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Who sees the dream?

Who sees the dream, the soul or the self?

well, People are divided in opinion concerning the subject of the soul (ral!) and the self knife), Some say that they are both the same thing (e.g., man and human being), while others hold a different view.

The first group argues that the self (nafs) means blood. For example, the Arabs say “Nafasat-il mar’ a,” when a woman discharges blood during her menstrual period.

Also when a woman gives birth they say: “Nafsa, ” because of the blood discharge that accompanies the delivery of a newborn.

They also argue that blood is the only thing that leaves the body of a deceased person.

Thus, when referring to death, they used the term: “Siilat nafsuhu,” meaning his blood was exuded or that he died. Also in the English language, one can find the term ‘bloodless’ to mean dead.

In this sense, the term nafs is used in the Arabic language to mean life or blood.

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Islamic dream interpretation and Strength of One’s Dreams

The meaning of a dream is stronger when seen at dawn, or during an afternoon nap, or when fruits are ripening on their trees, or at the time of harvest, or when one’s star is in the rising position, or at a time when one is intending to sign a business contract, or if one is thinking of getting married, or at the term of a decade, etcetera.

Seeing a dream during a daylight nap is also stronger than seeing it at night. On the other hand, the meaning of a dream becomes weaker and less plausible when seen during the wintertime.

The dream of a righteous ruler or governor is considered to be an inspiration from God Almighty. The dreams of community leaders depend on their beliefs.

The dreams of servants come true for their employers. Women’s dreams may materialize faster than those of men.

Sinners’ dreams are proof against them on the day of judgment unless they repent before their death. The dreams of rich people are stronger than those of poor people.

The dreams of rich people materialize faster than those of poor people. The dreams of poor people are slower when they connote benefits and faster when they connote adversities.

Because of their innocence, the dreams of little children are truer than those of teenagers. This is because older children may be busy in their mischief and fulfilling their newly discovered desires.

The dream of a drunk person has no ground. Shaikh Al-Karamani explains that “the dream of a scholar is truer than that of an ignorant person, the dream of a chaste person is truer than that of an unchaste person, the dream of a good person is truer than that of a bad person, and that the dream of an elderly person is truer than that of a younger person.”

here you can find strengths of one’s Dream also.

Seeing dream at very begining of morning times or at afternoon is considered to be the best. the interpretation of that kind of dream is considered to be the best of all. if you are planning for marriage or setting up any business then this will be fruitful to you.
one of the big factor for interpreting our dreams is the credibility of interpreter. some interpreters says that dreams are come from our soul while others are said that it is seen by our minds or brains.
Zulikofiria spinosa
Spiny Zulikofiria by Ibn Serin Spiny Zulikofiria: (Saika Myika Dikki) The dream of interpretation
if you have seen sounds of different animals in night dream, then the above link is suitable for you.

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