(God bless his soul)

He is Muhammad Ibn Seerrn Al-Basri. Born in the city of Basra in Iraq the year
33 A.H. (653 A.D.) Imam Ibn Seerm was a renowned writer and a respected
religious scholar of his time. He lived during the first century of the Islamic
caliphate and studied the Islamic jurisprudence (Fiqh) and the science of prophetic
sayings (Hadith) at the hand of the early followers of the companions of
God’s Messenger, upon whom be peace. Among his contemporaries were Imam
Anas Bin Malik, Al-Hassan Bin Abi Al-Hassan AI-Ba~ri,Ibn ‘Aown, AI-Fudhayl
Bin ‘Iyadh, and others.
Mouriq Al-‘Ujali once said: “I have not seen a man who is more sagacious in
his piety or more pious in his knowledge than Muhammad Ibn Seerfn.”
In his biographical dictionary, Khairu-Deen AI-Zerekly describes Imam
Muhammad Ibn Seerm as a pious, God fearing, and a strong believer, who was
a generous host and a trustworthy friend.
Al-Hassan Bin Abi Al-Hassan Al-Bagri once said: “There was a time when, if
a man sought knowledge, you could see its effects in every aspect of his life,
including his piety, conduct, speech, sight, and hearing.” Imam Muhammad Ibn
Seerm used to say: ”When God Almighty wills to bless His servant, He will direct
him to a wise man to admonish him.” He also used to say: “If a man wishes to
benefit in this world and in the hereafter, he must seek the company of someone
who will command him to do what is good and to disuade him from doing evil.”
Imam Ibn Seerrn used to fast every other day of his life. The day when he did
not fast, he used to have lunch, omit his dinner, and take a bite during the Subiir
meal, before the dawn prayers. He used to stand up all night in prayers during
the entire month of Ramadan, and he used to say: “One must pray during the
night and at least for the time it takes to milk a goat.” Once Hisham Bin Hassan
stayed overnight at Imam Ibn Seerin’s house and commented to a friend, saying:
“I used to hear his weeping during the night, though he was a most cheerful host
during the day.”
Haf£a Bint Seerm, sister of Imam Ibn Seerm, once said: “When Muhammad
entered before our mother, he used to stand before her with modesty and refrain
from speaking to her with his whole tongue.” Once, someone visited Imam Ibn
Seerfn in the presence of his mother and remarked about his outstanding respect
for her. When the man left, he asked: “Is Muhammad not feeling well?” Someone
replied: “He is well, but he reveres his mother so much that he nearly melt away
in her presence.”
A man asked Imam Ibn Seerin about his opinion on dream interpretation. Ibn
Seerm replied: “Fear God when you are awake, and do not worry about what you
see in a dream.” Whenever he is asked to give a religious opinion about two
similar interpretations, he took the closest one to God’s book. He once said: “In
essence, this knowledge is taken from our religion. Thus, consider carefully from
whom you learn it!”
Once Miisa Bin AI-Mughirah said: “I saw Muhammad Ibn Seerm entering the
marketplace in the middle of the day. He was totally absorbed in his prayers,
glorifying and celebrating God’s praises. Someone asked him: “0 Abu Bakr (that
is his patronym), is this the time to engage in such invocations?” Ibn Seerin’s
replied: “In a marketplace, one may be distracted by its glitters and become
negligent of his devotion.”
One time, the call to prayers came during a gathering. When the people stood
to perform their prayers, Imam Ibn Seerm called: “Let only someone who is well
versed in Qur’anic recitation lead us, for there are amongst us people who have
memorized it.” After the congregational prayers, Ibn ‘Aown asked Imam Ibn
Seerm: ”Why did you refrain from leading the prayers?” He replied: “I did not
want the people to say: ‘Ibn Seerm led us in prayers tonight.'”
Imam Ibn Seerm used to abstain from even some lawful things in fear of
indulgence. He was once invited to a wedding, and before leaving his house, he
asked his family: “Give me some sweets to eat!” They replied: ”You are going to
a wedding, and you will have it there.” He answered: “I hate to satisfy my hunger
from people’s food.” He also used to say: “Do not burden your friend with a gift
greater than he can bear.” Hisham bin Hassan once said: ”Whenever Hind Bint
and Ibn Seerm refrained from going.”
Once ImamIbn Seerin refused a gift of forty thousand Dirham because ofsome
doubt about the lawfulness of their source. Commenting on that act, Sulaiman
Al-Taymi said: “He refused them because no two scholars will disagree about
their unlawfulness. When Ibn Seerrn was asked once about two brothers who
turned enemies of one another, he replied: “Evil came between them.”
Ibn Zuhair once said: ”Whenever death is mentioned before Imam Ibn Seerm,
his entire body dies away, limb by limb.”
When Imam Ibn Seerm laid down on his deathbed, he said to his son: “My son!
Pay my debts. Pay only what lowe to people.” His son replied: “Oh my father,
should I free a slave on your behalf?” Ibn Seerm replied: “God Almighty has the
power to reward me and you for whatever good you do on my behalf.”
Imam Ibn Seerm died in the city of Basra the year 110 A. H. (729 A. D.) at the
age of seventy-six.


  1. My dream started off with a feeling that my Brother-in-law’s 2 sons want clothes from me and I can’t provide them with it, So I have asked my friend to arrange for clothes. Side by side I see myself in our village where my daughter lives and I’m trying to go to her but there is too much darkness and I am scared to even take more steps towards my daughter’s house, and then I come back and think how must my daughter be living such a fearless life, I come back and I’m in a an open ground and it’s veryyy windy and I’m out in the open and although it’s dark but it’s feels very pleasant, as I’m sitting there I hear a cow screaming and stuck somewhere I go on to help her but I’m unable to untangle her from wherever she is stuck because I am worried about my daughter, after some time my relatives come over and help the cow out of the mess and they seem very happy.

    Please interpret this dream

  2. My mums cousin brother who passed away 2 years ago came in my dream twice, the worrying 2nd dream was he axed me in the head really hard, i askes him whyz he spoke but i couldn’t understand him at all, please tell mw tge meaning

  3. I did an istikhara
    First dream: I saw fresh milk out of womens breast
    2nd dream: i was sick and was very weak.
    3rd: i was standing outside a society waitinf for my father i saw a car crash to a another car when i reached there it become a van had crashed to a ladies tolient and the women was angry who was in it and started to fight. While the van had to damage.
    Can someone interpret its meaning to me.

  4. Lukman Abdullahi

    I have a dream for which am able to see what is inside the stars,I see a sky full of stars but God stuck my eyes to some stars the one among them is very bright,when I look to that star my eyes stuck to it I can’t look another one,I just close my eyes in my dreams and my vision take away in few second into that star I see something miracles

  5. Aoa. today I have seen a dream. I have seen that my elder brother is about to offer his prayer and I said to him look Sky has come so close to earth then I see that the Allah is written with Crystal ice and is hanging between the earth and sky.
    and there is mosque made of snow and it was really beautiful mosque and there is also snow falling and we, my brother and I, got surprised that this is not the time or season of snow.
    but suddenly that snow falling turned into storm and mosque is also broken and is mingled with storm amd some things are fallem from the sky and destry the earth..
    and I started crying that it was may b the last day.
    when I wake up the time was 8am.

  6. I saw a dream of being chased by 3 men with knife. They stab me in several places and I am wounded. I have a blade in my hand and I stab one man and run to my father but he doesn’t believe me and atleast I convince him and while we are about to escape the men come again and then I wake up. If you could tell me the tafsir of this I will be happy
    JazakAllah khayr

  7. My friend had the following dream : ‘ I also had a rlly weird dream of these 2 born baby birds that were sitting on a high place and their moms were with them, and I blew and the moms flew away so I was left with the babies. The babies fell on the floor and every time they fell I picked them up and put them back. They kept doing that until one fell and died and the other one didn’t fall. So each time, several times they would fall I would put them back and they were fine‘

  8. Friend saw a dream in which he saw brown horse giving birth to baby and after that some surah written on leather comes out from the horse .
    Second dream he saw that his soul is out of this body and his spirit is wandering everywhere.

  9. Asalammualakum I had a dream that where I met my christen and jewish friends out of mosque in a big sitting area. Before entering the area, I heard someone reciting quran and entered. My friends and our English language teacher was there and the jewish girl began to recite the quran. While she recited the quran i heard a voice in a head wanting to recite surah rehman, I then asked the jewish girl how she learned to read the quran and although she didn’t say anything i guessses it was becuase hebrew and arabic are very similar. After hearing the my mind recite surah rehmna I aswell wanted to read a verse or chapter of quran, but was afraid that of what the nobelievers would say so instead of surah rehman I read surah nas. When it came my tern to read the quran my throat was hurting but I still managed to read the quran fine.As I was reading it I forgot the last word of the first verse so I told my teacher I’ll just read surah faitha. But my teacher became angry at me. Later on I noticed that many of the my friends were not interested in the lesson and by this time the masjid had turned to my home living room . Me and the jewish girl had a fight and when the teacher came the jewish girl began to cry so I embraced with a side hug (as we were both siting on my living room sofa.) but her tears didn’t seem real and I quickly realized she was just trying to gain sympathy from the teacher so I backed away. At this point the English teacher that I had seemed changed as If he had iman in his heart rather than the on I know to be in true life. I went to make tea for my guests and I could hear my teacher explaining to my nonbelieving friends to no hate me because of religion and to not Islam because he to was a Muslim. I became shocked when I heard this and quickly went up to him and he put his hand over my head. As I was going back someone younger than me not sure who it was put his/her hand on my head and I explained that only older people put their hand on younger peoples head and I placed my hand over his/her head. After hearing this news my nonbelievieng friends became disgusted by my teacher and left. Then my teacher came up to me and said that I fear that the ned is near and I said yes I agree. After I called my grandparents who were also in the house and they welcomed my Muslim teacher. And as they were talking on the couch in my living room my father , and grandfather and I think my brother came from the masjid and there was such a beauty on their faces that I asked them why do you all so beautiful but no reply came. By this time all my family memebrs were present in the living room and my grnadfather from my mother’s side of the family was questiong my tecaher as if skeptical of him and out of no where the phone that was placed next to mothers father began to speak and it said to beleive because it was the decree of Allah and said to bring my teacher a glass of milk because he was about to die. I quickly ran to the fridge and put milk in a glass and served it to him and by his point of my dream I had waken up.

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