thirst by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi thirst:

Is in a dream D to stop the event with Alonchab, real estate and transplantation.
and perhaps indicated by the poverty and stop the event with earnings and the longing for the absent.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of thirst

The thirst and it shows on the fatigue and hardship and corruption in religion and the world.

It felt: that he is thirsty he asked not well understood so as not to be the case originally meaning “thirsty water takes it.” Perhaps he needs to get married. It was the vision of thirst shall devolve on the occurrence of disorder in religion, and if thirsty and wanted to drink from the river did not drink it, it comes out of sorrow for the verse, “It tastes it not me.”

Vision of irrigation and drinking

As for irrigation, it is better and what a blessing it did not get to popping a member.

It felt: that it shows Ryan on a quest.

It felt: that drinking cold water hit it old money, and was the vision of better irrigation of thirst.

And drinking of all kinds of stripes with the development of each type of vessel in and drinking from Alabhr, rivers, springs and wells Fjmaah detailed in the door.

Vision capacity and rich

As for capacity, it is felt that the people of capacity and money, competence and ordered him to change it possible and the fall of the status and death or Iegelh Ventqm him be unjust, and was told richness is poverty.

It felt: that it lacks the rich. It was the vision of the rich people of religious conviction and righteousness, said Abdul Aziz Alderina:

I found out the conviction … I became rich Bohdabha Mmtsk

And six of her jewelery wear it … it is not doing Tnetk Dream Interpretation in Islam

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