Dream symbol starting with Letter T

Underground granary

Underground granary Underground granary by Ibne serin Underground granary: (Granary; Pantry; Storrage room; Subterranean storehouse) An underground grain storage house in a dream represents a caring mother, a single parent or a foster mother. This interpretation comes from the example of a fetus in his mother’s womb and its dependence on her to supply the necessary …

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Ud Ud by Ibne serin Ud:(arb. Aloe perfume; Civet; Incense burning ‘Ud) Aloe or ‘Ud wood chips or incense sticks in a dream represent a vocative and an articulate person who has a praiseworthy reputation. Carrying a chip of ‘Ud or aloe incense in a dream means finding a lost object, or hearing comforting words. Smelling …

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Twisting a rope:

Twisting a rope: Twisting a rope: by Ibne serin Twisting a rope: (Splice; Entwine; Twine) To splice a rope or a thread, or to twist a rope around oneself, or to whorl it around a spindle, or to make a bobbin in a dream means undertaking a journey. If it comes out thin in the dream, …

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Twist Twist by Ibne serin Twist: (Bend; Curve; Perverseness) In a dream, twistingsomethingmeanshypocrisy, absurdity, or twisting and changing God’s words, or attributing a personal saying to God Almighty, and making it sound like an authentic revelation. Twisting one’s turban a cap or a rope in a dream also means travels. (Also see Twisting a rope) Dream Interpretation in …

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Twilight Twilight by Ibne serin Twilight: (Dusk) Twilight in a dream means taking an oath, or it could represent the political or military move of a ruler and his deputies. . Dream Interpretation in Islam


Tweezers Tweezers by Ibne serin Tweezers: (Tongues) In a dream, a pair of tweezers represents a hard-working and a patient boy. It also means blabber, or employment for a jobless person. Dream Interpretation in Islam


Twanging Twanging by Ibne serin Twanging: (Nasal speech) If one sees himself speaking with a twang in a dream, it means difficulties, or it could mean that he will be mocked for his opinions. Dream Interpretation in Islam

Tuba tree

Tuba tree Tuba tree by Ibne serin Tuba tree: (See Tree) Dream Interpretation in Islam Copy link Quince Copy link Speaking Copy link Saint tree Copy link Transformation Copy link Staff2 Copy link Tree leaves: Copy link Walnut tree Copy link Walnut