tayammum by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi tayammum:

Shows in a dream near the vagina, it is felt that to pray or not pray for the purity of his private parts near the impurity, and tayammum evidence of the vagina near to God Almighty. And tayammum in a dream or proof of travel: the disease warning that it needs to tayammum.
and probably indicates that water loss for the traveler, it tayammum sand, or what does not comment on the hands was a sign can not travel, and Etienne licenses, and work Bilhawa. And tayammum shows poverty after riches, and the disease proper, and well-being of the patient, and tayammum with the presence of water indicates that false works. And if he sees that he was the tayammum with no water near the vulva is indicated, and the demise of intensity, albeit with the presence of water is subject to five statements: One: that the seer would prefer concubinage to marriage. The second is that those who prefer to travel on land travel at sea. And the third is to be hoped for forgiveness with those who insist on the guilt. And fourth: to be those who prefer this world to the Hereafter. And V: to be Mtlaaba religion and traces the licenses of scholars, and said: indicates the survival of the disease or prison.

meanings by Al ahsaai

See tayammum

It felt that he not pray in a place where there is no water and did so as an expression of fully Vtobeirh ablutions and washing is of the opinion that it is tayammum and water indicates that it deviates from the law Fletb to God Dream Interpretation in Islam

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