tall by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi tall:

Length in a dream evidence of discord, and perhaps indicates that the scarcity and pretend lengthwise. There is nothing good in tall if failed, it is just a function of the degeneration or near-term.
It felt long stature over the limit it near him because of its proximity to the sky, or a fall from his rank.
It felt Bakamth palace was the mandate of the isolate them. Short stature and failure to prosecute or quarreling. The height of the student achievement of state and King hope.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Tall: Having a tail in a dream means having a following of people or students. Tailor: (Couturier; Marriage) A tailor in a dream represents unity, a peacemaker, a scribe, a secretary, or an officiant who conducts the marriage ceremony and witnesses the signing agreement. A tailor in a dream also represents someone who regrets his wrongdoing, or amends his conduct for the better. To become a tailor and sew one’s own garments in a dream means struggling to build one’s livelihood. Ifone sees himselfunable to do a good sewingjob in a dream, it means that he is trying to bring opposites together but to no avail. Sewing a robe for a woman in a dream means that he will be afflicted with a major trial. If one sees himself as a tailor or altering garments in a dream, it means prosperity, setting up a business venture, getting married, having a progeny, or putting things where they belong. A tailor in a dream also represents piety and a good

character. (Also see Shoemaker; Alterations) Tailoring: (See Alterations) Dream Interpretation in Islam

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