Vision trip

Vision trip

Vision trip of Al zahri Vision trip

The trip Vtúl belligerents and travel.

As for eating on the trip comes after he put this section.

And vision among other vessels, barges and suits of luggage, it is better and the benefit of and filled with better than an empty and a new best of vintage, and was told that all of that construed Balnsoh and server and slaves whatever saw it from Zain or Shin is interpreted therein, and God knows best.

Vision of food and food overview

The cooked of any kind, it was construed as ways:

It is felt that cooking something for a patient agrees and it is the benefit of his health, though not Vtobeirh Ddh.

It felt: he cooked something and turned it for Murad, was the eating of it was reported, but felt otherwise Vtobeirh against him.

It felt: that cooking is driven in all kinds of goodness is Mahmoud, but felt otherwise Vtobeirh against him.

It felt: Tbejh from cooked, it is interpreted synthesis of comfort and good living of the people, such as stepper between those who have in the palm: Tbejh cooked and one hundred in each ear and said cooking fat and eaten as easily as it is better for the benefit of all the cooking and otherwise Vtobeirh be against him.

The bite of other foods, it devolves on the ways:

It is believed that the one put in his mouth to the top of the food nice good sweet it is pleased to hear the words, or accepts one of his relatives, although the bite of food thick Vtobeirh against him.

It felt: he put in his mouth a bit hot, it indicates the occurrence in the words of a scourge.

It felt: it receives to the top of his mouth Vadkhalha it stopped in his throat for a disaster they are distressed and disabled in the works and against his vision of living and that he put it otherwise.

In all, the vision of the bit devolve on five aspects: the kiss and the words of Hassan, money and the benefit and the amount of that.

The vision of what works Kajeen of grain and bread and so on various types of expression shall submit a progress, and was told the meat with gravy and food Alkuamkh for granted all the worries and sorrows and informed the fruit.

It felt: that swallowed food utmost heat vision shown to distemper living and eating what was nice to live and is the best hair in the food they and grief and hardship.

The rotten food, it is believed that eating rotten food and pushes his hands well it comes and leaves the haram halal women, and perhaps praise ugly.

It felt: it Lick it affects his fingers a little bit better.

It felt: that drink it like water, food, expanding upon his living.

It felt: that the food in his mouth a lot and the capacity to add the other confused him and ordered him to show his vision that he went as far as the age of the food and stayed in his mouth as much as the treatment capacity so that it concluded that it delivers.

It felt: he eats what is hateful in the science of speech and praise be upon it is relieved of worry and eat the brain of any kind indicates to get money savers.

It felt: he eats something the whiteness of it and other Almtabokhat splendor and pleasure.

It felt: he eats something kind specialists do not know understand the distressed, especially if low-fat.

It felt: he eats it stalls for tired little money and hardship, and if it is construed very sour disease.

The vision of what works from eggs from food, it devolves on four aspects: the best benefit of the marriage and the changing mood and what was eaten in place of eggs if he Bhlo Mahmoud, and if the acid is blameworthy and some of them hate to eat Cefrth.

It felt: that he does not eat food in which it is creamy Itakerh him it is a little hope of living death.

As for taste, it is felt that something Astelz tasted it and it Asttabh obtain joy and booty to the verse, “Verily, if the rights of us by the mercy of joy.”

It felt: that the idea of ​​taste tasted anything even nearly absent from the truth it is construed to death for the verse, “God Vomagaha dress hunger and fear,” the verse.

It felt: as if he tasted something bitter taste and found it asks nothing of it fall ill harm.

It felt: it tasted something unknown, it enters at something never income.

It felt: he eats in the dish and ingest the finished or what to eat from the food it is construed entry into force of old.

It felt: he eats food, whether from the dish or other thing of it and delay it as much as the late age of Vlienbar the food is measured on it.

It felt: he licks his fingers and a container, it shall be construed in two ways: either a vacuum or a vacuum for which his living from that place.

It felt: that mouth full of change, it construed its affairs and fall for the same.

It felt: that what is eaten in his mouth, he finds other capacity to interpret it long life and high living.

It felt: he chewed it ate a lot of speech, perhaps because of a complaint.

Vision of safety

As for safety, it devolves Balrozk and I’m good and beneficial to it than Gastronomic Kings.

Extend the vision of what the Alosmth and tables

They draw on:

It is felt that much food on the D Smath, sitting in the chest it is construed as a century and a face: pride, honor and jurisdiction of the joy and circumcision and a feast and a wedding, and gospel and country and the good and benefit.

It felt: Gastronomic feast given by the different colors and people do not sit upon it is not Mahmoud.

It felt: Smata he is standing by there quite a bit.

It felt: that D has to eat the feast given by his entourage and eat it, it was Welcome to the mandate he received, though not its not Bnaúl Welcome. It was of the opinion that the level of sitting on the feast given by him is interested in maximizing the other.

It felt: that sitting on the feast given to eat it without a rank, it is not so welcome.

The table it devolves on the ways:

It is felt that it eats at the table and they had good win for the verse, “O Lord revealed to us from heaven a table are a feast for us,” verse. The table may have been an arena of the war and meeting and Almaaklh Mtaana them all hands to himself and probably works in the life of his soul.

It felt: it eats at the table and it was the charms get married, but did not eat the girl be a virgin.

It felt: it eats at the table upside down it will come on a woman in her rectum.

It felt: that alter food from his hands with some of the plant, it lacks the ground and moves to humiliation and wretchedness, and was told that the righteous saw some phone read “table of our Lord revealed to us,” verse. Hatching his vision on the expression of some religious leaders said that you are a poor man prays to God and his private part and convenience to you and he responds as he said, and the table was interpreted Sharif generous man, sitting on them and eat from the health benefit from it.

It felt: that on the table and the people who gathered it Aaakhi pleasure to some people and is located between them and is living in a dispute to him, and the table was interpreted religion.

It was narrated that a man came to the Prophet peace be upon him said: I saw yesterday Marja green the table in place and a platform issue of his seven degrees and I saw you Artakit class seventh and calling them and calling people to the table and said peace be upon him: As for table Islam, and the Prairie Green is Paradise, and the upgrade rostrum to the end of time, and the appeal then we invite people to Islam and paradise, and was told the table accrue to women.

Roy and saw that a man like eating at the table of the more stretched out his hand to left hand of the blond dog under the table with him and he ate his vision on the hatching crossing, said that ratified the boy seeing you in your family you share your Vtfhs about it he found as stated.

As for eating on the table Faúl length of life and raise the table indicates the expiration of term.

Vision barbecue

The barbecue construed aspects of it:

Kirmani said: a vision of barbecue meat ovis shows tired to eat money and beef shows the security in that year and the flesh of sheep and Alskhal shows get a little money and affection.

It felt: that eat the flesh of birds grill it shows for money and cunning ploy.

It felt: he eats barbecue chicken meat it shows for little money and cunning ploy on the women. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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