the throne:

the throne:

the throne: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi the throne:

Whom he saw in a dream in character was the Gospel of the safety of his belief, and that he saw less of the character traits is evidence of heresy and misguidance.
and perhaps Del throne on the knee of the human good or evil. And indicates the position of masters of Galilee.
and perhaps indicated by the wife and the house and the boat and the victory over the enemy. And demonstrates the work of the hair and that of the derivation.
and perhaps shown the vision of the throne on the good work for those who saw him in character.
It felt and saw the throne of God Almighty had willed it indicates the health of his belief, and good religion. It is seen in which the defect indicates the whims and fads Fletb to God.
It felt himself above the throne, and his Lord, beneath it, and was among those who serve the king, it dominates the Imam and arrogant in the land, but was disobedient to his parents or teacher, or violates his master that he is a slave. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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