singing: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi singing:

Is in a dream is false and calamity. If the sound is beautiful, it demonstrates a useful trade, and if the sound is not beautiful they are losing trade. Singer and sage or a scholar or a preacher or a reminder.
It felt sing the subject is located right there loved ones lie differentiate Pkad envious.And singing in a dream indicates the evil and conflict because of the change movements in the dance.
It felt that he sings poems tune is good and beautiful voice, that of good to the owners of singing and music and owners of music.
It felt that he sings singing badly, this indicates that unemployment and analgesic.
and saw in his dream that he walking in the road and sing it better.
and saw that it was singing in the bathroom, this indicates that his words is not clear.
It felt that sings in the market or in a spacious, this bad for the rich and demonstrates the scandals and things ugly fall in, and shows in the poor to go their minds .
and saw that it was singing in a market, a devout attend the trial, it is located in that market, and the singing Alerazl in the market indicate a lack of their minds.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Singing: (Chanting; Song) Singing in a dream means falsehood and trouble. Having a beautiful voice in a dream may represent a profitable business. Otherwise, if one sings off key in his dream, it means that he is venturing into a losing business. A singer in a dream also represents a wise person, a preacher, or a physician. The location where the singing has taken place in the dream will experience lies, falsehood and separation between beloveds because ofjealousy, envy and perfidy. Singing in a dream also connotes evil, disputes and fights. If a professional singer, a musician, or a music writer sees himself singing his repertoire in a dream, it means benefits and profits. If the singing is bad, or off key in the dream, then it could mean lack of work, meekness, or it could mean having little opinion about oneself. If one sees himself singing while walking in a dream, it means earning a comfortable livelihood, being content and having a good opinion about oneself. Singing in the bathroom or under a shower in a dream means speaking unclear words, or having a dispute. If a rich person sees himself singing in the streets or in a marketplace in a dream, it means a scandal, or it could carry bad connotation. If a poor person or an evil person sees such a dream, it means that he has lost his mind. If a pious person sees himself singing in the streets or in a marketplace in a dream, it means that he will witness deceit and trials. (Also see Hornet; Singer)

meanings by Al ahsaai

 Vision of singing

The singing is the voice of good Fidel moneymaking although not sound good selling and paying for a lost and said some of them singing in the market for a rich exposure and poor demise of the mind and singing in the bathroom talk is accused of is of the opinion that he sings in a position located There is talk of a lie or Kid differentiate between loved ones Dream Interpretation in Islam

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