sand: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi sand:

If he saw in a dream indicates that the pursuit on the family.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of the sand

The sand it shows the money and the good. It was the vision of a great sand much money is beyond measure, it is felt that sitting on the sand also said it could prolific money.

It felt: that he had put sand in a container, it saves money for his family.

It felt: it is a river sand withdraw money construed obtaining continuous lactation, and was told the red sand construed in gold and white with silver and black with money. It was of the view that it walks in the sand, it construed the limitations and difficulties things.

In all, the vision of sand construed to four aspects: the functioning of the religion and the world is, especially if the sand a lot, money and the benefit of the elevation and tired and exhausted. 

Vision dust

 As for dust, Ibn Sirin said: It saw the dust and came down in a place related to it it shows for money and grace as much as that.

 It felt: dust between the sky and the earth, such as fog, it indicates that access is alarming to the people of that place will be baffled in their salvation.

 It felt: dust may Gbr and fell on his face it shows for hardship and severe punishment to the verse, “and the faces of them that day Ghabra” verse.

 It felt: he closed his hand, it lacks of dust, and perhaps gain repentance.

 It felt: dust with a cell until he became the wind is not seen it get worried and distressed, and God knows best. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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