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The situation, it is considered that the development in progress hit a lot of good but put a boy afflicted are severe and bestowed words of harm and possibly die is of the opinion that his wife or his concubine, and put a boy they put under way that she was pregnant but were not it fall ill, they are then released, as well as if she sees a pregnant she was born under way, it gives birth to a boy or a boy was born, they give birth under way is of the opinion that he was born and where he was sick, the expiration

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of the situation

Of the opinion that he had put a lot of good running hit.

It felt: he put a boy hit a two and a severe speech bestowed hated, and possibly die.

It felt: that his wife or his concubine, and she gives birth to a boy put under way that she was pregnant, but were not they fall ill, it is then released him, even if in a vision, what it shows for the honor he is afraid of death.

It felt: that one was born a boy, it reflects deduced. It was a vision construed Balbnt son, daughter and son also only be printed if the seer saw something appears on the truth.

It felt: he was born from his mouth, it was sick it lapse for, and perhaps the owner of vision confined to a TALK with him words of good, and was told is the birth of the man boy show he entered in order heavy would not then escape, and he gains Bteke, and perhaps showed his vision on the surviving a bad woman.

Sultan and the vision of a woman she was born of the pregnancy is indicative of her husband’s injury treasure .

If a pregnant woman saw she was born a daughter hit her benefit .

But felt she was born a son, it shows they get gm .

But felt she was born a son, and spoke to her in case it shows her death .

But felt she was born a daughter, I spoke with her ​​in case, God bless her and the boy there is his people . Dream Interpretation in Islam

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