scissors by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi scissors:

Indicate his vision in a dream to Tqarb symptoms because of the names Almqrad.
and perhaps indicated by the guardian separation between truth and falsehood. And scissors indicates the increase of slaves and children, as well as brother and sister, and if an animal has benefited one another only to be a bachelor, it comes out.
It felt that Mqrada came down to him from heaven has run out of old and extinct. Peel and punch people’s beards or their clothes and it Igtabhm Ejnhm. It was: scissors indicates the partners agree. And it was said of him he saw his brother was born from his mother. And he saw his hand cut up by the hair or sofa, it combines many money.It was: Almqrad man to reconcile between people.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Scissors: (Clippers; Shears) In a dream, scissors mean slander and causing harm to someone’s reputation without regard for the truth. Scissors in a dream also represent a legal guardian who discerns between true and false. Holding a pair of scissors in a dream means delivering a brother for one’s first born son, or having two businesses feeding one another, unless if one is unmarried, then holding a pair of scissors, or a nail clipper in a dream means getting married. If one sees a pair of scissors falling from the skies in a dream, they represent the scissors of destiny and the end of his life in this world. Clipping people’s beards in a dream means backbiting them. A pair of scissors in a dream also represents business partners. Sheep shearing with a pair of scissors in a dream means prosperity. Holding a pair of scissors in a dream also means a dispute that requires a judge or a mediator. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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