Shaheen: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Shaheen:

Sultan is unjust in a dream not meet him, without a Bazi level and status, it is turning, bending and Hahina state and then isolate them quickly.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Shaheen’s vision

The Peregrine construed as aspects of it:

It is believed that Shaheen grabbed him or gave him the one which is not obedient to him, it indicates to get born, and was obedient to him it shows for the honor of an unjust king, and was told Shaheen man of understanding and many tricks .

It felt: he grabbed Hahina or gave him one, it indicates that accompany world of a man and gets him to his best advantage.

In all, the vision Shaheen construed five aspects: extent and the status and effectiveness of command, money and a blessing and a son. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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