Sharabi: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Sharabi:

Indicate his vision in a dream to faith and repentance of the sinner and uniformity.[See: bubble.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision Sharabi

And Sharabi construed a man who Naffa.

The vision of Enamelers

Enamelers and construed aspects:

Ibn Sireen said: construed with King, and perhaps be and ministers.

It felt: it polishes anything it shows for glory and wealth or the mandate that was eligible for it, and if not, it serves a king or a minister or arranged his affairs, and was refined construed in two ways: If the people of righteousness, it accrues to the behind me entering in the matter of the King him to get his result, though it is corruption of the people of lying and construed Almlq and slander.

Vision striker dirhams

The striker of dirhams a speaker be praised by his words, it is felt that it hits the dirham is characterized in that capacity.

It felt: it hits the AED is not fake it improves his words, though not well and said good words because provoking words of dirhams and hit set speech, and said bar is a man of gentle speech if it did not take the taxi, the taxi taking him is unquestionable.

It felt: it hits dirhams fake it shows to talk Don.

Some of them said that the striker of dirhams and dinars, and the absence of transfer gossip talk.

It is it considers that: as if he hits the of dirhams a door forward and was Welcome to the mandate awarded to.

It felt: as if it hits dinars maintains lead the prayers and the secretariats.

Vision Almkas

Almkas man and did not hide from his Lord did not spare the creation of Allaah.

It felt: it takes up to Max it harmful to people.

It felt: it maks to avoid taking it to repent to Allah with sincere repentance. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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