scepter: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi scepter:

Is in a dream was born reckless, and said: He is a hypocrite.
It felt that he whipped the ball Balsoljan it argue with a woman or a man a hypocrite.The scepter is derived from the elves, and perhaps showed his vision on the war and the damage.
It is felt that the scepter in his hand by hitting it receives it asks without integrity.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision scepter

The scepter, scepter in his hand, it saw the ball hit him find what he asks and correct and ordered him to be negligent in the matter of religion.

It felt: he gave the scepter to the king and win the general hostility and ugly words, and was a crooked scepter and the man was a hypocrite and play by the crooked described. It was of the opinion scepter in his hand by hitting it receives that is asked of him and without affecting the integrity of the extent Astmkana than hits. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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