sieve: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi sieve:

Shows in a dream of science, discrimination, and the good old office, and the difference between right and wrong. Like a sieve and critic of the AED and biased words and actions, the owner of piety in the gain. And reflects that we crossed the sieve comb hair barley, and purifies the comb of the hair and dirty, as well as sieve removes Shaath barley.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Sieve: (Bolter; Colander; Filter; Separate; Sift; Sort; Strainer) In a dream, a sieve represents knowledge, discerning, honor, rank and discriminating between truth and false. A sieve in a dream is like a detector of true banknotes from counterfeit, a person who chooses his words, a choosy person of the type of work he does, or a discriminating buyer, a pious person, or it could represent a comb. If a sieve is given as a collateral, or as a promissory note in a dream, it means


that the depositor will flunk his promise, for a sieve does not retain water. (Also see Bolter; Strainer)

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision sieve

 The sieve, sieve, it is felt that it Bajtahadeh construed in order and shall be collected as far as the palm trees. It was the vision of a man who interpreted sieve being honest money on his hand because the exact Sharif.

 In all, the vision sieve construed to four aspects: a man and a woman reformer curious and the Custodian and the benefit of a few bad. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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