sugar :

sugar :

sugar : by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi sugar :

Shows in a dream to worry and grief. And sugar rich age with vanity. If sugar is the Sultan of wine at each event, the sugar and tore his clothes, the man Aboutr, not likely blessings, not control himself.
and saw someone drink the wine, sugar, of which it affects the money is haraam, and affects the authority of the King. Sultan, sugar and money if the syrup, and sugar from the drink is great fear. Evidence and sugar bad for men and women because it shows the ignorance of many. And sugar is a good sign for those who were afraid. Altsakr and non-sugar indicates that the claim that is not in it, and not estimated it, and maybe I got it coming down is attributable charge of drunk and it is not Biskran. Although it is dominated by people of goodness of sugar from the love of God Almighty. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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