sun by Al ahsaai See the sun

And see the sun devolves Sultan, it is considered that its king or Astmcn of them received from the Sultan prestige, and he saw no ray of it, it decreases from the king of the Sultan and landing demonstrates the isolation or illness or death is of the opinion that it eclipsed or event without smoke accumulated and clouds heavy or blackened or yellowed or fallen from the sky or become has established greater or smaller or farther away or closer or Anwar or darker considered if the King’s convenience is of the opinion that the sun bowed to him, the Sultan tends to him and subject him or is amended and a wide range of his part, is of the opinion that he fought and the sun, the Sultan undisputed as far as that It is believed that the suns collided understanding of two angels Atkablan is of the opinion that worship the sun or the moon is indicated to have committed a great sin Fletb him and saw that the sun Talat in his home if he charms, he married the household of the Sultan and received from his power as much as what he saw from the light and saw that the sun may be absent or to be absent, the matter which is where or student of good or evil has passed is of the opinion that the sun Horoscope is not the opening lines it is a sign and an event that occurs is of the opinion that he had afflicted the sun happened to him the injustice of the king or his deputies, shall devolve the sun is also the wife if The President or the Sultan or the beautiful and gold is also interpreted as required by the case of the visual has been interpreted with the sun, the moon Parents fell one gold light Hulk or a parent

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of the sun

Daniel said: the vision of the sun shall devolve caliphate and the Sultan, it is considered that the latest incident, which denies the vigilance shall be returned to it by accident.

It felt: that catch the sun in the sky with his hand or put it on his property or has become or became a sun in its place or taken from the light gets his Sultanate if fit him and only gets behind the pomp and grandeur of the amount and draw near him or turn him.

It felt: that he took the sun with his hand but not from heaven, nor light nor beam and they were not dark gets relief from his distress, although it was not in a dark place that needs the Sultan to the seer in the order of things.

It felt: bright sun has risen in his house, especially a woman preaching of his relatives, though he saw Talaat in the house of a woman preaching of other foreigners in both good and gets him the benefit of the people of that woman.

It felt: that worship the sun shows it a sin.

It felt: the sun on the earth or the light shows them to isolate the king of that place.

It is seen in his dark black of the king and gets behind me what Alana .

It felt: the sun in Mbouks and absent evidence to the Sultan’s death is inevitable.

It felt: the sun speak to him, it affects the Sultan and attributed the honor.

It felt: suns, they may Astka Sultanan Ikttlan.

It felt: that the sun from the earth and Talat also be enlightening, if a patient shows bring him out, though it is absent indicates that he returned safely victoriously.

It felt: that the sun is absent after Talat, the order was ambiguous or revealed to him spend his goods, manufacture or depressed after his wife back.

It felt: that the sun Talat of the West or from the opening lines, it is an accident occurs or be a sign for behind me if they are obedient to preach, even if they are disobedient warning.

In all, the vision of the sun shall devolve on the eight aspects: Khalifa and Sultan and head of a big world, justice, and Baal vow a woman and ordered the yoke.

It felt: the sun revolves around the sky, a headmaster of a mentor to them, it is exemplary of the king in his opinion, and perhaps the sun was a prince is a great advantage for Tolath Caliph, and might have been a beautiful woman or a set of gold. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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