Solomon peace be upon him:

Solomon peace be upon him:

Solomon peace be upon him: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Solomon peace be upon him:

Indicate his vision in a dream on the king or the judiciary, and perhaps condemned his difficulties, and received from God the great status with good consequences in the Hereafter.
and perhaps showed his vision on the one hand the plight of women. Although the seer and automatically isolate, and perhaps married a rich woman with fraud and dishonest. The seer was alive on the birds or elves or bring the bottles according to the work of that great sustenance. And perhaps triumph over his enemy after him and nails him the victory.
It felt Solomon peace be upon him appeared the grace of God Almighty be upon him, and perhaps showed his vision is also available on the flag or the safety of the patient, and the sound of his name and the name of safety. Just as the discharge from Abraham to see unlike Noah peace be upon him, the vision in a dream, a function of the patient’s death if it mourned laments. Stick it in a dream was Nmama, though patients died. Ring and the vision of peace be upon him to renew the mandate for those who reign. And he saw peace be upon him and his travels abound obtained obey the mandate of the enemy and the friend. And peace be upon him saw him earn money and obtain the property and receive good and safety. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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