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In a dream is a cursed enemy is strong, when calamities logs, he says and does not meet what he says. The person sees that he rode a pig has afflicted a lot of money.Felt that the eating of his flesh to eat haraam and he knows. The eating of meat cooked in the received money from his business, is dissolved, and that was grilled.
It felt that walking and walking wounded pork delight sooner. And wild boar demonstrates the severe rain and hail one who was traveling. And demonstrates to the people of the villages on the narrow and the severity of Tnalhm. And the one who instills Grosa indicates that it is not what should be, but who wants to marry a woman will not be approved for it. And pork in a dream is good for all people.
It felt that sow in his bed, indicative of a Jewish woman. And the children of the concerns of those observed by pigs. The National Pork fertile those who saw him and spent his needs.
and saw the pig in a dream the Crown on a people of Jews and Christians. It is the determination of the dispute and his wife saw in a dream, a pig or sow it fired. And probably reflects the pig man of the Jews or Christians. And see the show on the evil and pig bile, vanity and the money man’s land. Indicate the large number of Anath washing, the happened to him from harm in a dream may ruin a Christian.
It felt God was able to hit a pig man of a strong fork. King and King pigs funds group.
It is felt that a pig has become a fertile earned money and with humility and weakness in religion. Pork and influential man of huge corrupt religion malicious gain. It rode a pig infected authority and nail Bteke.
and saw that it was fighting a pig, it gains control enemy unjust.
It is believed that eating pork, it affects the money haram purely or commits a sin.
It felt pigs young entered in his house or his house, he came up the service of Sultan should beware.
It felt that the expulsion of pigs from home it leaves the work of the Sultan.

meanings by Al ahsaai

See the pig

As for pork, it is felt that hit a pig, it Istmcn from a man despicable great fork is of the opinion that he rode a pig, it affects the authority, and he gains Bteke is of the opinion that fighting a pig, it gains control enemy unjust is of the opinion that he takes care of pigs, it follows on people Sfielh and saw that it was struck from the hair of swine or something of which it affects the money, no good

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of the pig

As for pork, it shall be construed ways:

It is felt that it could hit a pig of a man very despicable fork .

It felt: he rode it he gains Bteke pig.

It felt: that fighting a pig it is undisputed despicable man is no good in it.

It felt: that defeat it with a pig hope of his enemy and pork and eat it haram to commit sin.

It felt: that many infected pigs or achieved in the position it infects pigs as haram money promised.

It felt: that of children infected pigs fall ill, it worries and sorrows.

It felt: it has infected pigs Iblq it is interpreted by man has no religion and sided with the enemy.

It felt: that the expulsion of the pigs leave the house the work of the Sultan.

It felt: young pigs entered the service of Sultan Gsheth home should beware.

It felt: it takes care of pigs, it takes on people Adina wn origin.

It felt: that he hit from the hair or pig bones or skin, it affects the money is no good when it does not last and have disgraced him, and said to the pig enemy.

And told that a man came to Ibn Sirin said: I saw a pig in my bed as if he set foot in a Jewish woman .

And told that Chosroes Onoshrooan felt like drinking wine in the Jam went along with a pig drink in Jam Silver hatching his vision on some crossings, he said, was arrested a tall woman for eunuchs and Aloglma and Ajmahen and put me on them and he did so and called it went in, and his promises and he said to Chosroes defined each and every one of them and bad Feltriqs and he did so, reaching bout dancing to some one arose Hzaaah said she is not timid ongoing ordering it said dancing must be done like it did when he stripped Suahptha and found a man, he said, O king, this interpretation of your vision, and the wine Cherbk Vtemtek out, pork is this man .

And the vision of a man with pig brutal force and sang without enthusiasm and without the benefit of good .

And the vision of man and pig medial large heart ugly effective no religion and no religion .

Is of the opinion: pigs in a place which is guarded by an agent at large can not disperse it indicates that it is haram collect money galore.

It felt: it mixes with a pig, it shows good faith and worldly and Gap are distressed and distress and calamity Hlipe Menksh and distressed and tight issued by it.

It felt: it prevents pigs from place to place, it indicates that if the integrity of this world other than his religion.

It felt: it is between pigs Inshirah it shows up because of the money to him unjust.

It felt: that riding on a pig, it indicates the nail on the enemies and the high rank in the world.

It felt: a pig has entered the counter and came out from behind his back, it indicates to get what he wants from a man despicable parent.

It felt: he found the skin of a pig, it indicates an infection is haraam wealth.

It felt: he found the pig hair, skin and bone, it shows the injury gets money from the face of it Tasir and have money in itself is not well get out of hand. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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