promise by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi promise

Of the saw in a dream that he promised to promise well, and it affects the good grace and longevity. But felt that his enemy, and received his promise of good or evil than others, and if the evil that he received the promise from him or from other good. If short changed him advised him to his enemy. And the promise shows up on the charity to which the seer of his promise.
and preparing something in a dream a religion for the one who promised to his promise, the promise and in including in a dream is evidence of good faith and certainty.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Promise: (Debt; Pledge) Making a promise in a dream means indebtedness to the second party. If one also fulfills his promise in the dream, it denotes his true intention, faith and certitude. Making a good promise in a dream means


blessings, profits and longevity. Receiving a good promise from one’s enemy, or opponent in a dream means evil. Receiving a bad promise from one’s enemy in a dream means good. A promise in a dream is a good deed. The recipient of the promise in wakefulness is the one who makes that pledge in the dream. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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