Dream symbol starting with Letter P


Quince Quince by Ibne serin Quince: (Fruit) A quince in a dream denotes a sickness. However, if a sick person eats this fruit in his dream, it means that he will recover from his illness. If a governor eats quince in his dream, it means that he will achieve his goals. If a healthy person eats …

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Question Question by Ibne serin Question: (Vestige) In a dream, a question means pursuing someone’s tracks, following a sign, or ascertaining the truth. If one sees himself asking questions in a dream, it means that he is seeking knowledge and that he will humble himself before God Almighty Who will raise him up in station. Dream Interpretation in …

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Qubba Qubba by Ibne serin Qubba: (See Dome’) Queen: (See Chess queen) Queer: (See Pimp) Dream Interpretation in Islam


Quarrel Quarrel by Ibne serin Quarrel: (See Dispute; Gambling) Quartz: (See Stone’) Dream Interpretation in Islam


Quail Quail by Ibne serin Quail: (A mountain short-winged and a stout-bodied bird; Mountain quail; Par-tridge; Woman) In a dream, a mountain quail represents a thief, a confidant, or a pimp who secretly conducts his business of soliciting clients for his prostitutes. However, a quail in a dream also represents a blessed food, an answer to …

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