Rare parasite ibn ‘Amr

Rare parasite ibn ‘Amr

Rare parasite ibn ‘Amr by Al ahsaai Rare parasite ibn ‘Amr

Purification when he sent the messenger of Allah peace be upon him and bounced Arabs out Tufayl ibn Amr, with Muslims and walked with them to prepare it from Talihh and walked until we find then Quba with the Muslims to the Al Yamamah, he said to his companions, I saw that my head shaved and that he came out of my mouth, a bird and a woman to ascribing Vadkhaltna in her vagina and I saw my son called me a request vigorously and then I saw him imprisoned me say good I saw said, but I Vtdoltha regard to shaving my head and put it and the bird came out of my mouth, my spirit and the woman who Adkhaltna her vagina earth Tknh me and then hit them and the request of my son, me by then imprison me, I see it will pave the fall ill, I have become a martyr parasite killing and wounding his son Balemma a severe wound and then pulled it out and was killed in Al-Yarmouk Dream Interpretation in Islam

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