prayer by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi prayer

Of the opinion that praying in the Garden, it will ask forgiveness of God, the blessings of the farm paid his religion but felt that he prays sitting for a reason, the work does not accept, the blessings on his side, he gets sick, the blessings and came out of the mosque received the good, and if he prayed passengers Faisiba great fear. The imam prays with passengers and the people and they were victorious in the war. But felt that he misses the prayer can not find a position in which to pray that prayer Vibeef it is what it is in religion or the world. The praying intentionally or Jahadda and intended to spend it lightly with Islam. The peace prayer, we say with him who saw him in a dream that came out of his prayer on the completeness of all, it comes out because they are commanded to love. The ladder on his right hand he Salah some affairs, and handed it to his left Vtdtrb some affairs. The ladder on the left right before Fidel to track and follow evil heresies. And that He rose from his prayers did not escape the evidence of the neglect of capital. And when he prayed the right prayer in a dream the patient indicated by the frequency in speech and action. The blessings of exposed genitals is indicated by obscenity in fasting or charity haraam or heresy to follow. And talk shows in the prayer back in the gift or charity. Families in the reading position of speaking out in a dream, or vice versa and governor rule was unfair and money to heresy and hypocrisy. It is already the imam in the bowing and prostrating on the contrary it shows the parents and perhaps plagued forgotten. If they saw a woman Tam men, they die because they are not suitable for lead so it is not only moving in front of them at death.
It felt that it laughs at his prayers in the prayer much fun.
It felt that praying while drunk bear false witness it. It is peace which side it is a corrupt religion.
It is believed that praying to Mecca has arranged to renounce Islam behind his back.The obligatory prayer in a dream state or principality and functioning of the Secretariat, and demonstrate the fulfillment of the Covenant.
and saw that it was obligatory to pray two rak’ahs it travels. Of the opinion that it promised to pray the morning soon come to him. And whoever prays Fajr, it indicates to the right of Ihlvha.
It felt he prays back it shows its need, especially if completed the prayer, because the completion of the prayer indicates the completion of what he wants rights, the Medina was shot about his religion and has expanded his living.
It is believed that praying the noon prayer on a clear day divorced it works a job and the center of it, the day was cloudy it work in them. And the back shows to repent because the Kaaba at noon turned from Jerusalem, and perhaps shown to fight the devil. And the afternoon prayer Ihlvha right, or it is not him after hardship and discomfort. Age and D to the nail and the victory, and perhaps indicated by the guidance and good.
It felt that Morocco has prayed the sun which requested has ended. Morocco and the prayer indicated on the vacuum business and comfort Altaban. Or separated from a parent, or that is over and realize sooner.
indicate the evening prayer on the run out of life as they last filled and then stand up to his death-like sleep. Or do what the imposition of Allaah be upon him of an order of dependents such as food, drink and dress.
and saw that it was praying ‘Isha’ indicates that the processing of travel or a marriage or moving from place to place.
and perhaps indicated the evening prayer on Asha in the eye and impaired vision and indicates a space term is far from dawn.
and saw that it was dinner pray, that cunning and deception. The Duha prayer in a dream, a function of the patent section of the trap and the bar and may indicate a delight. But felt that he pray the darkness it is something his family, including live and their souls to him. And the prayer of greeting the mosque a function of spending for the relatives and the poor. And the prayer of negligence in a dream, a function of giving charity in secret. And the funeral prayer in a dream, a function of intercession, or to the lack of the obligatory prayers Calcho to do and sitting.
It felt that praying for the dead it is a lot to him and pray for forgiveness.
It is believed that praying at a funeral, it shall be accompanied by a man in a corrupt religion. The Taraweeh prayer in a dream, a function of fatigue and eliminate debt.
It is believed that praying Taraweeh with the people they are Bmruh their parents and go away and Hsthm Tnscherh and chests.
and pray for rain in a dream, a function of fear and too little, too high prices and recession of living. It demonstrates that the accident in that place of the ruler or Sultan. And the prayer of eclipse of the sun and the eclipse of the moon show on a quest to deliver comfort to those who showed the sun or the moon on it.
and perhaps indicates that the repentance of the reprobate and Islam, infidel, or the death of the world.
It is believed that praying supererogatory or volunteer, it shows his worldly and religious adherence to the Sunnah, or it is based order of the Hereafter, and Voluntary Prayers function of courtship and to draw closer to the hearts of people with money or service, and the seer was a bachelor, married, and was married two males Rizk two sons, says {And We gave him Isaac and Jacob} . Voluntarily and if he prayed to God and was sacked and the poor got something better, or closer to God, and perhaps a thousand people between the dispersion of their own liking. And prayer in a dream raghaa’ib a function of the seasons. And the prayer of the judiciary function to eliminate the debt, or the repentance of the reprobate, infidel, or Islam, or to fulfill the vow. The prayer is sitting on disability and indicate the failure and to facilitate the conviction of living, including, perhaps indicated by the disease warning his father or his teacher. And the prayer of forgiveness show in a dream on the forgiveness of sins, the prayed people indicates that the rain falls, though praying poor sacked though sterile Rizk boys male.
and the prayer chants in a dream, a function of guidance and indicate good and generating income.
and Friday prayers show for the worshiper what he wants , or witnesses to the joy and holidays, and seasons and pilgrimage. Friday prayers and prayer such as the Palace show to travel, or the vagina near the meeting and beloved.
and the prayer of Eid al-Fitr in a dream, a function of paying off debts and to cure the patient and get rid of adversity and the demise of concerns. And the prayer of Eid al-Adha shows the tradition of things and keeping the commandment and fulfill the vow.
and possibly shown to meet Asalatan meet them because the enemies are zoomed. It has nothing and saw that it was in the festival returned to him he had lost, it was Eid al-Fitr, it emerges from a narrow to capacity, although the Eid al-Adha and was owned by freeing or prisoners get rid of his imprisonment, though Medina spent his religion.
and Istikhaarah in a dream shattered and confused, and denotes a good consequence. And prayers in a dream request a profit. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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