pen by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi pen

Is in a dream of science and matter, and the prohibition and the governor. The writer saw that his hand a pen or paper, it has the security of poverty. Service of the king.Pen and values ​​everything. It was said that the pen was born writer.
and saw that it was rarely hit, it affects the note, written with the pen that was the meaning of what has been written by a science. The mandate of the pen.
It felt pen in his hand and his pen to meet it by a brother, and his mother was pregnant and developed a brother. And pens to ensure that those who saw her.
It felt pen in his hand and take it from the power of elevation gain and is effective.Inkwell and pen with male child. And pen to the right indicates the dividing of the saw in his hand, says {n, pen and Istron} . The writer felt that there had been an accident with his pen, the living and interpreted in his craft.
and perhaps Del pieces on the track and fingers Threnha. The pen indicates the generosity, or to nail enemies. Registry of ability and vision in a dream indicates the right of the Ihlvha.
and perhaps showed his vision of science, conservation and industry venerable, and perhaps indicated by the long life and livelihood.

meanings by Al ahsaai

 See Pen

It felt pen capability is written in the board saved and knew to write the vision be as it is written is of the opinion that the hand is rarely indicated that kicking a child a world virtuous and was told that he and bridesmaid and was aware of, and saw his hand several pens is better in any case is of the opinion that Liberians are rarely completed Brighth steer the affairs of his innocence and that it be Beeft Dd is of the opinion that it provides a pen in the inkwell he commits obscene unknown Dream Interpretation in Islam

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