Prince by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Prince

Ymir demonstrates what rights and inappropriately. And demonstrates the marriage until it becomes single prince in his home.
and perhaps showed favoritism to see the Prince as he is involved. It is ordered in a dream, feared by the prison and rancor, and the Prince come on the Day of Resurrection with his hands tied to his neck, not Ivkhma only justice set up by.
is of the opinion that the Sultan and Lah from the ends of the sink Muslims, represented by it is glory and honor of His Royal Highness said as much after those roads on the subject of the Sultan. But felt that his reign came to him and the he is isolated in time. As well as in his view that he is isolated, does not like to see soon.Similarly, if he divorces his wife saw it singles. It is carrying food to the afflicted Prince of grief and joy came to him and hit the money from where the requests. And the development of Prince hood or suit or Qabah or region is neglected in his power, and to wear him his reasons for his policy. If you saw that it was wearing two layers of new money it won the people of shirk and disclosure. And the isolation of the governor in his sleep is. It is ordered in a dream of the slaves became free, or worshiper does not adhere to this world and become the prince himself.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of the princes

Of pride, saw none of the adults that go to the Sultanate and was fit to that in a sense and meaning may well become, if not it is suitable for elevation if at all.

It felt: it has become a great prince, and was a decent person, then an increase in the pageantry, though not fit Vblane and distress.

It felt: none of the senior princes became a prince without his status is not good in the Prince.

It felt: none of the princes became employers jobs Vtaoelh with the exigencies of his job.

The Muhammad Ali of Increased livelihood and to help the.

The head of a heart Fezfr and support and wisdom .

The Amirakhur Fz and the State .

The financial Khazindar Universal access.

The Shad Acharaboukhanh grace Universal access and capacity .

But it Selehdar machine.

The Alhamamar Fastqama in the works, and perseverance.

The Prince of Lashkar Imagine and flatter .

The house flag means flag Fajbr Prince was good and pleasure .

The Alastadar For two reasons: for livelihood or for love.

The Astadar companionship Universal access righteousness and good living .

Universal access and the benefit of princes Saqi.

The rest of the employers and jobs illustrates, based on what Apashrunh and needs to the interpretation of what the first of the above in the Index .

It felt: none of the heads of religious functions Faúl glory and goodness.

In all, the vision of one of the employers jobs worldly construed in three ways: for livelihood on the Kings, and was probably blessed with a constant, it is usually report livelihoods of them, and if the seer of the people of corruption, it is construed fine as they are taken on their hands and get adversarial.

And the vision of the Minister if it is in the form of well-Mahmoud in his right and against the express otherwise .

It felt: that he became a minister and is it fair to increase glory and honor.

It felt: that the minister gave him an honor, it was Welcome to the mandate he received, and if not it get good and the entry of the Minister or parallels construed obtaining evil and sorrow only be familiar with and was said to be interpreted on four things, including for the ministry to those who were her family if the same has become a satellite , as well as if the Tigris and saw the king may tighten the waist or gave him the inkwell or saw any of the four companions went. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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