wool by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi wool:

Of the saw in a dream that he unequivocally indicates that the sofa a lot of money total Sharif, there is no kind of clothes from the finest wool.
and saw that he slept on the Wool great money received from his wife’s hand. And the burning of wool corruption of religion and money go. The world that he saw wearing clothing wool interest is called the reluctance of the people.
and saw a dog wearing a sofa, the man despicable Atamol money honest man. And if he sees a lion wearing a sofa, the sultan Gshawma people take away their money.The purity of the wool in a dream, only to be rough inappropriate Blabsa it would be the poorest and shame.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Wool: Wearing a woolen garment in the winter in a dream means profits and benefits. Wearing it during the summertime represents strain, distress and adversities. Wearing a woolen garment in a dream also means lawful money and prosperity. Sleeping over a sheepskin in a dream means becoming rich from associating with a rich woman, or from a marriage to a rich woman. Burning wool in a dream means religious contempt, or loss of capital. If a man of knowledge sees himself wearing a woolen garb in a dream, it means that he is leaning toward an ascetic life, or that he will become a caller to God’s path, teach people to love the eternal comfort of the hereafter and to despise the temporary pleasures of this world. Wearing a woolen cloak with nothing under it in a dream means receiving money from a noble and a well respected person. A dog wearing sheepskin in a dream represents a lowly person who subsidizes his business through a well known and a respected person. If one sees a lion wearing a sheepskin in a dream, the lion here represents a tyrant who confiscates people’s money and property. Wool in a dream also represents purity, clarity and asceticism, except if the wool is coarse or unsuitable to wear, then it means poverty or humiliation. (Also see Spinning)

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of wool

Construed money for wool, which is no doubt because of the pleasures of this life to the verse, “and from their wool,” the verse. Almjzzouz and wool is the best.

It felt: burn it to his sofa, it stores the corruption.

It felt: Sofa in place for a bit of baggage, it construed Balnsoh good works.

It felt: it is compiled by Sofa scattered construed Beaufort money from women before, and was construed diligence in the collection of money junction hopeless.

It felt: that sofa stuffing it in the luggage marry a woman.

The vision of what takes place from the wool draw Almbos has made ​​in his speech said Almbos, as well as colors .

The vision of what it used Kalhbal and so it comes together with the expression twisting the rope .

The vision of what works Kalpst of wool and the like may also offer he put in his place . Dream Interpretation in Islam


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