weapons by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi weapons :

Is in a dream victory, and the superiority of the enemy, and the payment of disease.
It felt him weapons, among people who do not have to weapons, it would be their president, as much as his weapon perfection. But felt that people looked at him armed with it envy and Igtabonh, If they are old men they are his friends, even if they are young they are his enemies.
It felt that it weapons and is able to use it testifies to the agent and the attainment of his need, and the patients it shows them to his death, and was probably goodness in religion, though he was afraid or sick lips of God, and was traveling back to his family safe.
and saw that it was robbed from his weapon, that’s twice his power and his people.Indicates the weapon to a wife who holed up man of the devil.

. weapons :

Is the maker or seller of arms, is in a dream indicates to a tyrant ruler. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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