walking by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi women:

Are in a dream that was beautiful indicated next year with good and comfort.
and may indicate women on the store and the Fund, or the prison and the partner because it involved a man in pleasure and money.
and possibly shown on the tree bearing fruit, and a boat and his seat.
It felt a woman well into his home received with happiness, joy . Women and money do not stay beautiful for him. Arab women and the young unknown Almetzana long description of goodness in the interpretation. And obese women and the poor fertility Ojdbaa year. The best women in the Arab and interpretation of unknowns. If a woman sees in her dream a young woman is the enemy of her, and the old woman is the minimum.
and saw a woman order the people and Tnhahm in God is something in favor of religion.
and saw a black woman free there is nothing good in them except if they are owned.
and saw a woman sold it the demise of his power with him and then interpreted to Salah case.
It felt that afflicted his wife bear a defect, and said: afflicted richer.
It felt that he killed a woman part of his money went.
It felt that his wife or given away to the other of a pair saw Mzojh else went his religion. 

meanings by Al ahsaai

Seeing women

It felt too old for it is low may it goes is of the opinion that carries old and Ietiha, this debate world and Nwalh them as much as those Almuatah and old unknown is stronger than the well-known even if they have the good body the people of Islam was the minimum permissible but as a people of hypocrisy was the minimum forbidden or distasteful in religion If it also is shaggy Mqharh ugly scene there is no religion and no minimum, and saw a woman well he speak to her or Adhagha or Alaabha or entered it in his house, they year fertilized and the good and pleasure, albeit a poor gets his money and livelihood or imprisoned Farajallah him and saw the woman contends with him and got him which alienated adult it the demise of grace, and saw a woman slut or a prostitute.If the people of righteousness is better and increase the pool although it was the people of corruption is the lack of religion and the commission of a kitchen for damage and saw that it was his wife with other gold money or merit and is not well in his religion and was essential The minimum range is of the opinion that his wife gave him a wife other or a woman he leave her or Ikhasamha is of the opinion that his wife afford it get richer and the good come to him and saw that it was a woman well, the was sick horizons or in prison, fired or worried Farajallah his main concern is of the opinion that his wife calls a man If she is pregnant comes a boy but were not carrying it for the benefit and the good is of the opinion that his wife has become an old man there is nothing good about it, and saw increased good and beautiful is an increase in religious and worldly affairs is of the opinion that his wife committed to the order of immorality or hated it be Dd it is of the opinion that his wife ZahidaAbida, it is neither good nor fair, and saw a woman he saw never a Hosh must go of it all, the was a good find after that and was told of the opinion that before the woman went from nothing but intercourse with her no good, and saw a group of women the place they look at him, or one of them calls it slander him as he him innocent and perhaps get his purpose later not be able to him his enemy, and saw the women many Echtsamn it is a things wonderful in the world gets out of some people confuse even Bet Dd that Vtobeirh against him and was told to see women in terms of the sentence, especially good if the future or by the cheerful face and shot if they are a young woman saw her enemy in any case saw no good to see old unless they are exposed Metzana Dream Interpretation in Islam

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