writing by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi writing:

Is the trick in a dream and started a fraud. The line saw that it was bad, he repents.
It felt God writes in the newspaper it inherits. Though written in the ply is ingratitude between that and the people, and Ibn Sirin Almighty God’s mercy: Who saw that it was write a book received the money, haraam, because Allaah says: {So woe to them, which I wrote on their hands, and woe to them than they earn} .
It felt any of the Koran written on his shirt, it adheres to the Qur’an man.
is of the opinion that he wrote it, it ordered that the instrument be treated with cupping, the book written on it and does not know what they are, then God has imposed on him when presumably he hesitates.
is of the opinion that he write a book it gets sick or something missing from his wealth.
and saw that he did not learn to write, it indicates the chronological order of Mahmud bestowed fear and fatigue. Although it improves the writing does not improve, saw that it was bad as it demonstrates the disabled and the fear and fatigue.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Writing: (See Book; Letter; Write)

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of writing

The writing Vtúl Im walking spot and eliminate the need, it is felt that writes a line which is my mother, it indicates that earning a living from the people by deception and cunning, though a writer or a scientist, and saw himself that he writes it shows the good and benefit and for living a lot, though this work and as it is isolated from office.

It felt: he writes Shara otherwise it is not good.

It felt: that he writes the color of all colors Vtobeirh return to its original color, including suits him.

It felt: he writes that green ink was a reformer, it indicates the increasing religious and worldly affairs, even if it dies spoiler.

It felt: that Madadh of blood which it writes its construed argument left no money to usury.

It felt: that he writes and shows the impact of his writing, the owner was a job he must be removed, especially if the writing of the mark. It was of the opinion that it grants to Mojtahd Salah in the same world and our University because the writing for them.

It felt: one he wrote a book on paper what it is for the benefit of good and Murad.

It felt: that he writes for people on their papers, it takes a dignified position.

It felt: king wrote him a line taken from him when Vahrzh construed it five ways: for the state and the arrival of livelihoods and services to the Izz and the elevation and the attainment of the purposes, and has said some crossings explained in a poem:

For state and get to help the livelihood … and in order to achieve

It felt: it writes it to enter the instrument, and was told in writing Qurtas indicate the denial of the right to the verse, “If we got a book you could touch it with their hands in the ply.”

As he put the pen was made after mentioning the term pen capability. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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