wasp by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi wasp:

Is an enemy combatant in a dream.
and perhaps indicated by the construction engineers and the veil and a bandit, Thi gain and the Sacred. Wasp and a man from the mob majestic warrior TaanSfah fixed in the fighting.
It is believed that the wasps entered the village or town of their income to them soldiers prestige and courage, and fought against the people in public. And it was said that the wasp man argue with falsehood. And it was said that the wasps indicate Algmazzin and murderers. Wasp and indicates a bad man.
and saw that it was dealt with a group of wasps, it addresses the Erazl people and forbid them.

meanings by Al ahsaai

Vision Wasp

The wasp it is construed with a man mettle.

It felt: that Znbura bite it shows up on a cloud and they to him by the shrew.

It felt: many hornets in the air, it indicates the arrival of Lashkar-e of such a place, and was told the fork wasp man, his voice the words of a man who does not get rid of it Taan rights only man who appointed him punk. It was said of Nash saw that it was a thing of the question whether Bmzbh or otherwise obtaining it construed the mandate of those who had qualified in, and if not it will be better if at all.

It felt: it kills a bit of that Bmzbh it is construed in the darkness of his reign.

It felt: that no one defends flies Bmzbh from the other, it defends him lying because it was narrated that a man of pious righteous saw the Prophet peace be upon him in a dream and saw Muhammad ibn Ismail Bukhari standing on his head dissolve it flies Bmzbh Volth scientists that Melt him lying in the transfer of modern and Allah knows best. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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