war by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi war:

Shows in a dream to try and deceptive to those who fought him in a dream. And the war demonstrates the high prices, it saw the people of the city of waging war against each needs the prices go up, and fought against the Sultan authorized prices, and the war between the Sultans show or sedition and B, and the war between the Sultan and the parish indicates the high cost of food. Disorder, war or strife and epidemic or plague. And war and what happens where the evidence of the disorder of all people, and guide them to grief, with the exception of ticks and the owners of the army. It was his arms to them it is a good sign and left. [See: the invasion].

meanings by Al ahsaai

Vision of the war

The war is seen between the kings it shows sedition or B but between the king and his subjects, it shows the cheap prices but between the parish only it Salah among them is of the opinion recruited together, it shows the destruction of the people of falsehood and the support of the people of the right is of the opinion that AskaranAqtaatla is most likely of them defeated Dream Interpretation in Islam

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