wine by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi wine:

In a dream is haraam wealth. It is believed that drinking alcohol affects it a sin and they had a large and wide.
It felt that he drinks and has no undisputed hit the glass for the money is haraam, and it was said that lawful money. If it has undisputed undisputed in speech and rivalry.And if he sees that he hit a river of wine afflicts strife in this world, the income occurred in the trial as far as it got. And wine for those who want to see the company’s consent to marry or because of mixing. And drinking alcohol for governor of insulation. And drinking wine mixed with water indicate a purse, some old and some are prohibited. And it was said in the capital of the company.
is of the opinion that it serves the wine, pressed the sultan and his hands are on the bones of things.
and saw that it was invited to the wine of the fruit of many it is called for jihad and martyrdom in it. And wine in a dream indicates the discord and evil, and hostility, and hatred.
and perhaps Del alcohol to recover from the disease, and possibly indicated by the disappearance of the mind or are mad about Bgabh sense. Even if his opponent is seer Mkhasma falsehood of what is happening on the tongue of courage. Although the unemployed served elsewhere, or sacked if he is poor, married or single, or a patient cured of his illness. The mustache was among the people in the river and were beaten on the Del fun, and Nkthm Covenant guardian or fight them and breaking their oaths.But who drinks wine world has increased his knowledge of what presents to man of thought while drinking. He considered what to drink of the wine: the wine of the grape may eat grapes in the seer is too early, or because the defect occurred in the word of the word defect Tsahev grapes, and possibly lawful livelihood. Though Mptaa wine, or perhaps took his time occurred in the curse canoeing requires it. The wine shows the lies and humor in the speech and the disclosure of secret adultery. He is named after him: wine by sin, and perhaps indicates that a prostitute is the property, and perhaps Del drunk in a dream on the ingratitude of the parents, or sell something of the drug are Slavs.
and perhaps Del drunk in a dream on the debt and advances the spirit.
and perhaps Del drinking the Rawah money or the child, and perhaps found comfort drinker and that he was in trouble and fatigue. An old man, perhaps sugar seer of an elderly woman, or married a woman as well. And drinking wine shows his ignorance and foolishness mustache. And was considered dead if he drinks alcohol, it Menem in the Hereafter, because the wine syrup from the people of Paradise, but that Egypt had already died out, or had in his life who Isthlha. The wine shows good for those who wanted to marry by the mixing of water and mixing.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision Wines

Which is extracted from several types of inter Valmskr haraam wealth, As for what not cause intoxication, which is the old capital of fatigue and discomfort.

It felt: that faking wine, wine has become, it seeks to collect money from the face of the solution was not possible for him, except from the face of haram.

It felt: that he has a channel from the heady wine is a continuous flow of income, it does not stop for his life, even if the disruption is not good in it.

It is it considers that: that he sprinkle wine in the earth it distributes his money in non maturity of.

It felt: it buys the wine taste and smell variable there is nothing good in it. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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