Wolf by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Wolf:

Is unjust enemy in a dream thief liar difficult. It is felt in the home, the wolf and the thief enters the house.
and saw a wolf in a dream, it is an innocent man accused of the charge. Saw that the wolf, the bull turned a boy becomes a thief fairly generous. And it was said of the wolf and saw in his dream he heard a speech from the boss Well, injures, good, caught it, the pleasure gained. And the wolf shows the day of the year, and the wolves follow each other on the ways of one equator.
It felt Anissa Kkherov wolf became a thief repent it.
It felt that he became a wolf in a dream, won the pleasure and joy. Sultan and the Wolf is unfair or a thief or a weak man a liar.
is of the opinion that addresses the wolf and it handles a man. Shows to see the wolf lying and deception and hostility of the people and their cunning. The saw in a dream and a dog, a wolf met and agreed, indicates that the hypocrisy and deceit and deception.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Wolf: (Thief; Trifler; Womanizer; Year) In a dream, a wolf represents a fierce enemy, an unrelenting thief, or a liar. If one sees a wolf entering his house in a dream, it means that a thief will burglarize his house and that he will chase and capture him. If one sees himself raising a wolfs cub in a dream, it means


that he will raise an abandoned child of a thief who upon growing up will bring that family much pain, suffering, divisiveness and loss of property. Seeing a wolf in a dream also could represent false allegations one may fabricate to assault an innocent person. If one sees a wolfturning into a steer in the dream, it means that a boy who is used to stealing will repent for his sin, turn to honesty, trustworthiness and grow to become a good and a generous person. Seeing a wolf in a dream also means receiving praises from one’s superior at work, or it could represent profits from one’s job. If a wolf chases someone in a dream, it means that the person will see happiness, or it could mean his martyrdom. A wolf in a dream also represents the days of the year, or it could mean the four seasons. If one turns into a gentle lamblike wolf in a dream, it means that he is a thief who will repent for his sin. If one turns into a wolf in a dream, it means that he will earn personal joy and happiness. Wolfs milk in a dream represents fear, stress, or forfeiture of a project. A wolf in a dream also represents a tyrant, a weak thief, or a liar. A clash with a wolf in a dream means a clash with a rival. If a wolf and a dog make a pact of friendship in a dream, it means that one will witness hypocrisy and deceit.

meanings by Al ahsaai

See the wolf

The wolf is the Sultan AzloumGshawm a thief or a liar or weak, it is considered that addresses the wolf or contested or won it or did it actually VtaoelhKtaoal wild animals is of the opinion that a wolf or entered a house in the town of Sultan income Gshawm

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of the wolf

The wolf, it shall be construed ways:

It saw the wolf and it unjust king construed traitor or a liar or a thief .

And the vision of the wolf meat accrue money and eat haram reported .

The vision of the wolf’s milk panic and alarm .

It felt: he killed a wolf on the rebound, it indicates the face of Islam which is not good and it was said that he and the destruction of enemy oppression.

It felt: The head of a wolf, it indicates the state and the high degree Bmekdarh.

It felt: that he had found his skin or bone, it shows as much money for it.

Though saw that it was may bite wolf it testifies to the get damage from before the Sultan .

It felt: that the wolf slept with him in his bed, it shows the king in touch with his family of corruption and a female wolf woman weak and humiliated.

It felt: a wolf he sees an enemy oppressor or a thief or a liar man enters his home.

It felt: he baited a wolf it shows Astmkana of the President and induce him.

It felt: it is a bull wolf turned thief repent. And it was said the vision of wolf indicate on the wiliness to the story of Youssef peace be upon him.

It felt: a wolf grinning in his face, it is construed unctuous friend of a double-sided, and has said some of the poets:

And Ahdhirh days to see smiling wolf … show notices and Aatb Dream Interpretation in Islam

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