Wedge by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Wedge:

Is the king in a dream. It is believed that the professor hit the wedge in the back and come out of the crucifixion or the master of the world. Although the wedge of wood generates a hypocrite was born, and rip it oversees the wedge death. If the wedge and iron is money and power. The wedge indicates that they are and grief because of its hardness. The wedge indicates the position and stability in things, forced isolation or inauguration or travel. If indicated by the child or spouse was a sign of longevity.And it was said Peg money. And it was said that he shows love, concern and sadness.
and saw he was beaten and wedge in the wall or the land was a bachelor, he married, though his wife pregnant. And it was said that the wedge is the hypocrisy. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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