walking by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi walking:

Of the saw in a dream that he walks a flat, it requests the laws of Islam alive and good, but walked in the markets in the hand and will. If it walked barefoot to go gm and good religion. The intention of walking humbly to God. And walking indicates that earning a living, says: {then walk through its tracts and enjoy of living} . And walking and jogging victory over the enemy. And walk back to the shows back on the matter has been initiated, or the corruption of the religion of the seer and the changing situation and saw that it was strutting in walking condition indicated by the ugliness and corruption case. But felt that he walked pride on his face lost world and the Hereafter, for the verse: {turned on his face lost world and the Hereafter} . The man was found is indicated by an insult Found by the arrival of the hated him. And walk if the order indicates the good work. And walking indicates that the risk of travel. At half-mast head, and walked longevity, and may be after it survived the disease.
and saw that it was walking on one leg to go on the DL half his money and a half years old. Pedestrian and animal rights Kmshee evidence of embryogenesis manners of the ignorant, but that the animal is walking in the Makola it with good people, otherwise it is walking in people with hypocrisy and the quest is not well understood

meanings by Al ahsaai

See walking

The walk and take the road it is considered that walking or walking by the animal slowly it glory and honor is of the opinion that he walks in the dust, it gets the money sooner and that he walked in the sand it is a constant concern even walked on the forks and the pain he gets in some of his family and saw that it was walking in the way of meaning diligent it on a platform of truth and religion is of the opinion that he strayed from the road or are estranged by it astray from the right and the Platform for the right thing in religion, this world as it strayed from the road, the hit the road after the lost hit Salah himself but did not hurt the way indigestion that it is of the opinion that it follows a path dark, it is a going astray in his religion but saw that it was out of the darkness into the light, it comes out of misguidance to guidance, and saw that it was walking in the way of what he objected to convert between him and the way of an animal or plant or inanimate, it stood at last ordered him and his demand Dream Interpretation in Islam

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