Vision Rites

Vision Rites

Vision Rites by Al ahsaai Vision Rites

It felt that the lack of rituals nothing contrary to the Sunnah, that happened in his religion is of the opinion that he prayed over the Kaaba it the error was NATO right immoral and saw that it was wiping his face with stones Black or accepts it is accompanied by virtuous scholars is of the opinion that under the gutter Kaaba or in the Maqam Ibrahim, it pilgrimage purity of life but felt that he seeks it seeks to do good is of the opinion that he was standing with Arafat, he atone the sins and the forgiveness of God and saw that it was in me was Manat, although patients cured is of the opinion that he did nothing of the rituals is better anyway and felt that pilgrimage, and returned from his pilgrimage it achieve intended and expiate the sins and saw that it was diligent in the actions of pilgrimage or to visit the Prophet peace be upon him, or sacred house, it required a good thing and thanks to do is of the opinion that he intended to walk to one of the three mosques and can not therefore been it lacks a rich or poor it does not respect the order upon his ability Dream Interpretation in Islam

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