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In a dream is a safe and Sultan, wife and son and work as much as substance, and demonstrates the ongoing and money. It saw a ring of gold, and had a pregnant woman, was born a male. The seal of the Sultan shows his property, and ordered him out of alfalfa, embossing it his way. It is believed that he fell lobe ring and his son died, or lost a bit of money. And break the ring indicates the repudiation. The Ring House Odabh buy or jurisdiction, if it went from humiliation to the man.
It felt that wearing a ring of iron, it shows he does after fatigue. If he went with a clove of it good, and if it shows without a lobe on the work which is not a benefit. And rings of ivory, a welcome for women.
It is believed that wearing a ring of silver Vonfzh where he wanted, it affects the authority, because King Solomon peace be upon him was God in the ring.
and saw that it was stamped the seal of the caliph, it receives the mandate of the great, it was the pro and has a father neighborhood, for his father dies, the father was not his might turn to what he wishes otherwise. It is found ring became the capital of the Persians, or of his who was born, or married woman valid, or purchased under way.
It felt lobe Khath Atqkul oversaw his authority on the insulation, and if he sees that he grabbed the ring and was automatically Vhoazlh Ozhab his or divorce his wife, if it deems it Women indicated by the death of her husband, or the people closest to them. If a person sees that the ring the ring broke, and I went, and left lobe, his power goes, and keep the said form. If the ring of gold, it enters in his power innovation, and get hurt in his religion, and betrayal of his property, and may be on his flock. Though it is a narrow ring of resting Virago, or king of the fatigue, or are released and shortness came by the king, the borrowed ring, it has nothing do not stay for him. But felt rings are sold in the market it purchase the property of the heads of people. The view that it is raining Rings born sons in that year. And if the single ring to wear it that a woman marries a rich virgin. If the ring of gold, a woman she had gone her money.The stamp stamped in Khanzareth, then remove it and insert it in his victory, then wear it and insert it in the middle to offend his wife. He believed that the ring in which Khanzareth time in his victory and once in the middle betray his wife. The ring sold for dirhams or sesame flour or it dies or his wife’s words of good money. The lobe was born. If the lobe ring from the core of it is Sultan with prestige and splendor, and a lot of money Izz, though lobe ring of aquamarine and the Sultan is Sultan brave majestic strong, though alfalfa beads it Sultan weak offensive, though lobe ruby green generates a born believer world Fahim. The ring of wood hypocritical woman, the woman was given a ring they get married or give birth. It is stamped the seal of the men went constrained by the Sultan, or fall ill, fear, or humiliation or severe or g. Or angry human being on his son or his wife. And it was said of the woman who won a ring received the Belle, and a lot of good, or heard the news pleased. It has a ring to wear cloves, one to the inside of his palm, and the other to the apparent cessation, and breaking every one of them does not violate the other, it follows two terms visible and invisible. It is wearing garnet gold ring with him poverty, and took the ring from the king or a house inhabited by Silver meted out or woman marry her. And took the ring from God Almighty for the safety of ascetic worshiper of God from the bad. And took the ring of the Prophet peace be upon him, or of the world Bishara penile science, that is, if the ring of silver, if gold is not good, as well as if the iron because Ornament people of Hell, as well as if the copper, because it is the word feel. The ring of the lead authority in which they.
is of the opinion of the kings that in his hand the Seal of Solomon peace be upon him indicates that the breadth of his kingdom and open regions and attainable objectives, and perhaps take off of his property and then return to him, and was among those who live from invoking elves got so blessed with a wide.
and saw that he sent his seal to his people, amongst yourselves, it is preaching to people who Verdunh.
It is believed that the ring extracted from him by force take away the very power.
It felt that he had lost his ring, it enters it in his power, or as belonging to something hated.

meanings by Al ahsaai

See the ring

It felt that he was given a ring Atakhtm by it have anything not owned by never and saw that it was stamped the seal of silver white, it generates a Born bar and that was red Woldh corrupt though black Fuld proves to humiliation and wretchedness but felt it hit the ring is in a mosque or a prayer or worship it has a woman and that was of a Sultan, it affects the elevation or a merchant hit a profit is of the opinion that he was given a ring of gold, it is like gold to go with him some of what is owned or angers him Sultan is of the opinion that wearing a ring of silver or Sapphire was born to him under way and die quickly, although lobe Sbergda it live long and saw that his ring snatched from it, it goes about his power but felt that he lost, it enters it in his power what he hates but saw that it was broken or fallen, it indicates the fall of the merit or go his property or separate him from his wife’s death or life, or near to or death his son and that the woman saw her husband’s death so he is of the opinion that the lobe ring fell it goes against his power and merit Dream Interpretation in Islam

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