ram by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi ram Is an honest man in a dream impervious. And the slaughter of sheep to eat non-Sharif killed a great man or an enemy. But felt Kbaa slaughtered in a position there, it kills people in a war. The slaughter of a ram win the enemy great, although the patients recovered.
and saw that it was riding a ram and spend where he wants it defeated a huge man.
and saw that it was breaking the horns of a ram or one it annoying the man greatly.
It felt that fighting ram it contests a huge man.
It felt ram it had died the death of a great man.
It is believed that the slaughter of a ram and a section of meat it dies divides the great man and his money. The slaughter of a ram to eat if he is freeing a slave, although the prisoners escaped, but was afraid the security, though Medina plague religion, although it did not perform Hajj pilgrimage, though he was sick lips of God. The slaughter of a ram and detach it takes the money promised, the eating of his flesh he eats from his wealth.
It felt at home ram Mslokha it dies some of his relatives.
It felt that Athsoa ram Faisiba of Sultan punishment or prison, and may be the ram state.
It is considered that came with heads rams it Baty heads of his enemies. Wool rams and money. The ram shows the muezzin, or sponsor. Ram and the commander of the army.
and saw a ram Ioathbh earned it from what he hates his enemy, and butting afflicted harm.
It felt sheep became a ram, his wife is not charged and that were not his wife received the power and attributed the victory to his enemy. Black and rams attributed to the Arabs, Persians and white.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Ram: In a dream, a ram represents a noble person. Holding a ram by its wool in a dream means taking money from a noble person. Holding a ram from its horn in a dream means being restrained by a noble man from engaging in something. Holding a ram from its buttock in a dream means controlling or managing the interests of a noble man, or it could mean inheriting him, or marrying his daughter. Holding a ram from its belly in a dream means taking money from a noble person. Killing a ram for other than food in a dream means killing a noble person. If one kills a ram during a wartime in a dream, then it represents his enemy. A slaughtered ram in a dream represents a murder. Buying a ram from a butcher in a dream means that a noble and a great person will come to need the person seeing the dream who will save him from a foreseeable danger, or help him to recover from an illness. Slaughtering a ram in a dream means recovering from an illness. Carrying a ram over one’s head in a dream means caring or managing the business or accounts of a noble and a rich person. Riding a ram and driving it at will in a dream means conquering a great person. If one sees a ram riding him in a dream, then it means that such a great and powerful person will rise above him and control his life. Breaking the horns of a ram in a dream means weakening a powerful person. Fighting with a ram in a dream also means fighting with a powerful person. Whoever wins the fight in the dream, will eventually win it in wakefulness. Seeing a dead ram in a dream means the death of such a great person. Dividing the meat of a ram in a dream means dividing the wealth of a great person after his death. Sacrificing a ram to eat and to distribute from its meat as a charity to poor and needy people in the dream means the release of a prisoner, his escape from capture, dispelling distress and worries, payment of one’s debts, attending the annual pilgrimage to God’s House in Mecca, or recovering from an illness. Slaughtering and skinning a ram then hanging it in a dream means stripping one’s enemy from his money and wealth. Seeing a skinned ram inside one’s house in a dream means the death of a relative. If it is the leg of a ram, then it means the death of the closest relative. Broiling a ram in a dream means governing for one year after which period one may be imprisoned. The number of rams in a dream represents the number of years. Thus, seeing them also represents the number of years one will serve in his job. The wool of a ram in a dream means money. A ram in a dream also represents the muezzin in a mosque, a general in the army, a deposed ruler, or a humiliated person. If a ram attacks someone in a dream, it signifies an attack by one’s enemy. If a ewe becomes a ram in a dream, it means that one’s wife will no longer bear children. If one is not married, then it means winning victory in his life. (Also see Ewe; Sacrifice; Sheep) Dream Interpretation in Islam

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