Vision of the resurrection and the portents

Vision of the resurrection and the portents

Vision of the resurrection and the portents of Al zahri Vision of the resurrection and the portents

Resurrection of the opinion that the extension of God and justice among people Faúl massage that that was in the people of that oppressed the place of God to shed Zalmanm intensity and harmful.

The people saw that place Qaúmin in the hands of God and a sign of the wrath of God Almighty and His punishment does not exist for them to be welcome .

It felt: Signs of the resurrection of something like the blowing of the images and the rising of the sun from Morocco and exit of an animal or so construed, the strife in which people appear and die and others survive and should behind me to repent.

And a vision out of a man who interpreted the Antichrist heresy and misguidance appears in people .

And the vision of the blowing of the plague or images interpreted in the Sultan sent a warning or other or be in the resurrection of the country or travel to the Hajj .

And the vision of the gathering, the coming of God to separate the judiciary and the meeting of the creation of the account fairly construed from God is a just imam in people or provide them a great day and people can see it Ishdonh .

It felt: as if he took his right hand has won praise goodness and beautiful splendor.

It felt: as if he took his book with his left hand perished sin, poverty and need.

In all, the vision of the resurrection devolves the right people in righteousness on four aspects: the farmer and the joys, success and happiness and goodness Conclusion In the right people that corruption is Dd. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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