Radwan, peace be upon him

Radwan, peace be upon him

Radwan, peace be upon him by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Radwan, peace be upon him:

A stockist heavens, and his vision in a dream lasting pleasure, as evidenced by his vision is also treasurer of King and His Messenger and the achievement of good promise, and spending needs and answer prayer. It was his power by angry won the Good Pleasure of it, especially as it gave him something of the fruits of paradise or a thing of the analyzed decorated, or was coming to him, or him jubilantly declared, it is evidence of the pleasure of Allah Almighty be upon him blessings and to show publicly and privately. And vision show of grace and to live and satisfaction of Allah.
It felt like in heaven, the angels greeted him, and walk in it from every door God forgave him and forgave him, and reaches a length of patience to do good.
It felt Radwan, peace be upon him, it indicates the disappearance of his main concern, and the flowering of his chest , and good living. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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