Vision of water

Vision of water

Vision of water of Al zahri Vision of water

It devolves on the ways:

The life and livelihood and living, comfort and purification of the benefit and grace and purity and death and destruction they are distressed and saddened, and was born and justice, and the spoil of sedition and total capital and cheap prices.

Ibn Sirin said: Water for Life says, “We made ​​from water every living thing,” it is drinking water from it is absolutely a good life and good and the benefit of his vision, though Kadra Vdd, and said hot water twice and sadness .

It felt: that he had taken his garment it is water shortage in wealth and worldly affairs.

It felt: he took the water in the vase, the new glass drank with his wife, and break the dead mother and the boy handed, but otherwise the Vdd.

It felt: one he gave the water it does eighth otherwise known, and perhaps cause for a place in the building.

It felt: that his hand a cup of water drink it anywhere it is current or stagnant water in which it fall ill, and the plight of the scourge.

It felt: Water pours important it is construed that fertile land in that year to the verse, “Verily Sbibna water in abundance.”

It felt: that the water in his house in any way, it was a net profit and a good life and living, though otherwise Vtobeirh against him.

It felt: that in the water, a strong body, it is construed as something difficult he quit on the one hand the king and said to be acceptable, especially if attributed to that.

It felt: that he entered the water did not wet his clothes or if it is construed Mistura strongly religion and health of certainty and trust in God in all things and be straight affairs in this world and the Hereafter.

It felt: that place on the water to his garden, or it shows a woman to marry or go secretly.

It felt: one stream with water, it gets him good and benefit of it, though the water was Kadra or disliked the taste and smell Vtobeirh against him.

In all, the vision of water shall be construed five aspects: certainty, strength, and honest is difficult and Mnadma pride, and work from the face of a Sultan.

It felt: that he gave in a glass of water and the boy alive.

But felt that he drank a glass of water from a net earned better than his family and his son and a glass mug, but it was metal, it is the essence of a woman .

It felt: that he drank a glass of water from his vision did not afford the show recalcitrance his wife.

It felt: that he drank more water than to drink it in the old long vigilance, and drink water, it indicates a net for his safety from the enemy and the payment of CKD and the severity of the living and the extension of the hand in the water discharged into things.

Ibn Sirin said: The woman felt she irrigate the water, they walk among the people of lying .

The stagnant water in the interpretation of the current Fadaf and imprisonment for those who saw it was said that he had signed it.

And salt water are cloud and water Chagrin bad living .

It felt: in the home water black construed it ruin the house and drink shows the blindness and corrupt water is haraam wealth.

And water, yellow severe illness needs to handle large, and possibly led to destruction .

It felt: that the water cave, the king was isolated and it is his vision for the Kings shame and not a subsidy to the verse, “If Allah were to become Maakm Gora it comes to a certain water.”

The hot water from the point of severe Vgm Sultan unfair, it is felt that use it at night afflicted panic of the jinn, although he is surprised Kadra, and water was brownish in terms of the sentence unjust authority and all that was being attributed to water stress.

It felt: he has looked in pure water and saw his face when it is well to improve his family to spend money and poured water and flow from under the arches of a man is better reached by the people to their destinations.

It felt: that he had taken water from the bridge, it takes advantage of money like that man.

It felt: it converts sea water is indicated for money by a man of few debt.

It felt: there has been water Mala can score when it depends on who does not benefit him.

But if the water in everything from pots Faúl each one as much as it comes in his class.

It felt: water scoring in any of the things he is old, what evidence of it and drink it as much as the past of age, and that delayed him of something construed, though drinking all indicated a vacuum for it. As for all the water that is extracted from the treatment he had anything livelihood and benefit. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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