Wood by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Wood:

Is the hypocrisy in a dream. It was said that a man may Khalth wood hypocrisy in religion, and of SrerthAlanath lost. And explains the wood wet boys. Wood and see who is in the vessel D on it.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Woods: (Forest; Wild plants)

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision Wood

The wood shall submit a few words upon the various meanings in different sections of the suitability and that he interpreted the meaning of hypocrites “if they were blocks of wood,” the verse.

It felt: stage denominated in a place does not deny there is nothing wrong, and if otherwise Vtobeirh against him, and may accrue to the stage in two ways: for the people to see the goodness of religion is corrupt and the people of corruption, hypocrisy in religion.

It felt: he cut a piece of wood, it was anything he gains a man or a hypocrite Bteke.

Some crossings as if he wanted to emerge from the door and found the stage sclerosing summoned him from the chainsaw and cut that fell to the ground was between him and the man of great enmity Fezfr him and cut and authenticated.

It felt: it carries a piece of wood it cost Bmiona man a hypocrite, and rode it Vddh.

Stump vision

The Stump, it devolves Boqguam corrupt corrupt hypocrites of old age do not have a shelter but hell to tell the people who had seen an ugly effective: Oh, hell stump. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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