wall by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi the wall:

Wall of the city in a dream the men holy warriors, or powerful Sultan, or the head of Hafeez, and perhaps on the fence Del Abed country or her world, or at Shara separation between right and wrong, and perhaps indicates a delight. If Del fence the money were balconies and targets promised him and his weapon and ammunition, and Del the fence on the king had balconies and goals of his bodyguards.
is of the opinion that in the wall of the walls, it secured for him from his enemies, or score, which is afraid, though a bachelor, married.
and saw the city wall Mahdoma Treat her died or removed from his work.
It felt that it might Anthelm notch in the wall even entered the city a lion or a torrent where Islam is weak, and the lakeside market knowledge. The unknown and the wall indicates that Islam and science, the Qur’an and the money, security, and to piety and prayer, and all holed him from all enemies and all Alosoa.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of the walls

Which is on aspects of:

King Sultan and his representative and the Governor and the laws of Islam, it saw the city wall or castle wall demolition of the death of Fidel Sultan of that city .

But felt that it Anthelm notch, it indicates the death of the governor .

It felt: that the age of the new wall that it is renewed in the new Sultan of that place and residence.

It felt: that the age of some of the wall it shows renewed the mandate and to the place.

Some of them said that the fence and what is close to the city wall from the right side shows the Sultan and the left side shows the governor and what is far from the city wall Vtaoelh security and good living and what is behind the town it is a woman and everything the wall of the near and long term and the Don and the good and the over-and under- the vision of good and evil to those mentioned .

The Achararev projections and they had the term alone:

Vachararev that place men and women projections Whatever happened in that place from Zain or the Shin Faúl . Dream Interpretation in Islam

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