Vision of the testicles

Vision of the testicles

Vision of the testicles by Al ahsaai Vision of the testicles

The testicles Faúlan livelihood and girls and the maintenance and prevention, it is believed two of Zain or Shin was attributed to this and saw in his testicles disrupt the enemies Azvron him but saw them in the hands of a nail by the enemy, but felt as if they Banta, with no pain or Hbhma the one it generates the other was born proportion to him and take away the death of children is of the opinion that they definitely had him sick, it dies and may be a paradox wives and saw them Azmta indicated by refraining from the evil of his enemies and some of them said all the testes of animal and human capital, it happened to him none of that and went with him Faúl money is of the opinion that he grew his None of this is misplaced and went it gets money from him is his face and spends money on misplaced Dream Interpretation in Islam

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