Threshold by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Threshold:

Is a man in a dream woman.
is of the opinion that they rip the threshold of his home state to go, the extraction Oskfah door of his house he called his wife. And it was said that the threshold is the state or the values ​​of the house, it is seen Qalat from door to isolate if the ruler, though he saw gathered and were absent from the eye it is die owner of the house, and Qalat was not lost on the disease and recovered from his illness, and built a threshold, it marries, and whatever happened in the threshold Vansabh to women.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Threshold: In a dream, a threshold represents one’s gown, garment, one’s adornment, makeup, money, or it may denote closing a subject, spreading it, or it could represent a beautiful woman who embodies all the attributes man desires, including beauty, good character, intelligence, wealth and fertility. Buying a new threshold or sitting on one in a dream means that either the husband or the wife may suffer a bodily injury. If one sees himself sitting under the threshold of his door in a dream, it represents an adversity or an illness. If one sees himself being carried over the threshold of his door in a dream, it represents his funeral. (Also see Doorstep; Door lintel; Doorplate) Dream Interpretation in Islam

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