Vision of spinning

Vision of spinning

Vision of spinning of Al zahri Vision of spinning

The spinning it construed ways:

It is believed that spin or sofa, land or poetry which men like him spin it travels and affects good .

It felt: that spin fine linen or cotton or the like, which spin like women, it affects the humiliation and contempt, and do an action lawful which is not satisfied with it.

The woman saw it spin and speed up the spinning, if it is absent, it provides sooner, though they travel on the travel and travels of a Talqatha or benefit is on her hands .

It felt: it invalidates Ghazla it invalidates faith and covenants of the verse, “And be not like unto her who, after the power of Inkatha” verse. And may be interpreted that the women at the birth of ongoing or injury news.

It felt: that spin Vangta Iggslh what, if he stayed away from his, though he intended to travel, it does not travel.

It felt: that spin the wool money perish.

It felt: that spin it travels travel hair is no good in it.

The vision of spinning construed eventhough it was said to be money, and the spindle may provide the source. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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