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D is in a dream on the values ​​of the house. And the doors open the doors of livelihood. The doors of houses means is located on the women, the doors were new women firstborn, although the doors are not closed Women Thebes.
It felt like a closed door of a house of iron, it marries a virgin.
and saw the door of Dar variable for the status is changed if the owner of the house, though he saw has fallen or pulled out or broken saw burned or exposed to a disaster is the values ​​of the house. As well as the sleeper saw the door closed after the Fort, is the survival of man, though he saw dead end is a great calamity to the people of that house. But felt in the center of the door of his house is a small door hated, because he enters on the genitalia, the bone door of his home and has expanded and strong non-Shana is the well-being values. The lions have seen a jump on the door of the home folk follow his wife. But saw that it was looking for a door of his home do not find it is a loss in worldly affairs. But felt that he entered as a matter of dispute was won by. But felt it opened the doors open the doors of the world to him. But felt that the door of his house has expanded over the doors as much as it is the people who enter without permission. Perhaps the demise of the door position for the demise of the owner of the house and created conditions and change the conditions of the people of his home to the contrary to what they had before. The thought that came out of the narrow door to the place of broad that it comes out of the tight capacity, and distress and fear to security. And a panel door or Kalhajp the Apostle, it is believed that the door to the two we have him for two people, saw that it was cutting the door panel, it enters into heresy.
It felt the fire burn the doors Vstamot his wife soon. Gates of the city and its king a function of the existing order in which religion and the world. House and the door D to its builder and the existing interests of its people. The door of the house of D inhabited. And enter the doors of the unknown D to the nail and victory over enemies, and perhaps unknown doors shown on science and livelihood and the gains and travel. And out of doors paradox of what we have said, the door was well indicated by the separate him good, though Mahdma or narrow indicates that separate him from evil, and in order to survive himself.
and perhaps Del door to the death, it came out of the door and then found a space or a green or good smell indicates that the Hereafter good, but if there is darkness or fire Geva or punished in the Hereafter. And open the door in a dream indicates to facilitate things, and close the door moodiness and hardship of life and disruption of the reasons. And open the door in the sky evidence or answer prayer is forbidden to commit forbidden, or along the torment and revenge and adversity, and the rain was coming off the DL trapped, and revive the earth after its death. And the door password updated in the house shows what is involved seer of good and evil, Phil was Mistura, well-built, reached his goal Bactmh, although it shows him in the house is indicated to show its secrets and uncover conditions, and perhaps Del door key to the glory and greatness, the nation and the boy.
and perhaps Del the charity passwords and good treatment between him and his Lord.
and saw the door of his house a new, or saw a carpenter erecting or knees, this Gospel of the health well-being.
It felt that he wanted to close the door it can, this is too hard for him by his wife.
It felt that he had entered the people from the door, it gains control over his enemies and refutes the arguments of his opponents.
and saw his door was boarded Mgulwaa other it sells his home, and entered the house and closed the door be protected from the sin, and the door and seminars Kariman demanding religion. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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