Shirt: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Shirt:

Is in a dream a religion man or a living or piety or knowledge or gospel to him, says:{just go my shirt this, as the power on the face of my father come Seer} If to wear the man he marries, and T-shirt for women man marry him, says: {They are to dress you, and you to dress them} . If you violate Shirt dismissed the man from his wife, the rupture shirt he leaves her.
and saw that it was wearing a shirt without the ambush is by its beauty in his religion.
It is believed that the shirt pocket tore open him the door of poverty.
It felt that his T-shirts many it has in the Hereafter a great reward and the merits many. White Shirt and religion.
It felt to him that he dedicate shirt is good news.
It felt that his shirt is dirty flat tire and they and the severity of poverty. If they saw a woman wearing the new shirt and broad is good in the same religious and worldly terms, or well-being of her husband. White shirt and green indicates that religion, nor praise blue, and red indicates the fame, and yellow on the disease. The wetness on his clothes and shows that nothing hampered travel, the Lips still wet rogue.
and saw that it was wearing a shirt without a pocket or del Zik on his death. Wearing a T-shirt and a teacher, it pilgrimage or travel.
and saw that it was wearing a short T-shirt does not cover his genitalia, it falls short in his religion. It is wearing a T-shirt from the wood it travels in the sea, though he was sick he feared death.
on his shirt and saw a verse from the Koran written it adheres to the Koran. The Black Shirt and sorrow are.
It felt a T-shirt upside down otherwise change the status to his habit. Perhaps the T-shirt man’s house.
It felt his shirt incision length Faraj him, though incision offer it words are said in his presentation.
and saw his shirt was out of it, it accuses the words said in the presentation and be innocent of it, but had before him the words that say it is true to the story peace be upon him.
and saw his shirt was included in the grace of the clouds.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Shirt: (Blouse) One’s shirt in a dream represents his piety, godliness, livelihood, knowledge, or it could mean glad tidings. Putting on a new shirt in a dream means marriage to a woman who has no relatives or kin. If a woman puts on a shirt or a blouse in a dream, it also means her marriage. A torn shirt in a dream means divorce. If one’s shirt is torn in a dream, it means breaking up a business partnership. A shirt in a dream also represents one’s religious and worldly concerns. Wearing a shirt without sleeves in a dream means having piety but no money, for sleeves in a dream represent money. If the pocket of one’s shirt is torn in the dream, it means poverty. Having a wardrobe filled with shirts in a dream represent one’s reward in the hereafter. Wearing a white shirt in a dream means piety and religious assiduousness. Receiving a shirt as a gift in a dream means blessings and profits. Wearing a dirty and a torn shirt in a dream means poverty, distress and afflictions. If a woman sees herself wearing a new, large and comfortable blouse in a dream, it denotes her piety, religiousness, happiness and the enjoyment of a rich life in this world. The same could reflect the state of her husband. Wearing a green or a white shirt in a dream denotes piety. Wearing a blue shirt in a dream may not be praiseworthy. Wearing a red shirt in a dream means fame, while a yellow shirt in a dream means an illness. A wet shirt in a dream means obstacles in one’s travels. If one’s wet shirt dries in the dream, it means that his hurdles have been removed. Wearing a shirt without a collar, a pocket, buttons, or button holes in a dream means wearing one’s shroud at the time of his preparation for burial. Wearing a shirt with stripes in a dream means travels, or it could mean performing a pilgrimage.


Wearing a shirt that does not properly cover one’s body in the dream means falling short in performing one’s religious duties. Wearing a black shirt in a dream means sorrow, distress and worries. Wearing one’s shirt inside-out in a dream means reversal ofone’s condition, or having a loathsome and a forbidden type of sexual relationship with one’s wife from the anus. A shirt in a dream also represents one’s house or shelter. If one’s shirt is torn in half vertically in a dream, it means relief from anxiety or depression. If one’s shirt is torn from the back in a dream, it means that one will suffer from defamation, or be falsely accused of sexually harassing or abusing a woman. Ifone’s shirt is torn from the front in the dream, then it becomes a proof of his guilt. Seeing the shirt of the Prophet Joseph (uwbp) in a dream means that an emissary of good intent will bring glad tidings, and for someone who is suffering from eye problems, it means that he will recover his sight.

meanings by Al ahsaai

Vision Shirt

The shirt in the vision Vamroh men and perhaps would in Mekpsh and the living is probably the religion and its tender, it is felt that wearing a new shirt brazen true wide, the his wife’s consent to him in his interests or his living straight or religion properly and saw it as a decrease or a breakthrough or something like that was the event in One of the faces mentioned and perhaps Shirt Almkhriq sink like author and frequent concerns or die with his wife and saw that it was wearing a T-shirt thin it is a paper concerning the owner even if a dress is known as its bass righteous it infects Nska and goodness in his religion but felt ranches that wearing a new shirt he marry woman and was told of the opinion that he gave his shirt it Bishara is of the opinion that it is a new shirt he meets would and fit his command and that he saw obsolete or fell from his shirt, it disperse would but felt his shirt without a pocket or collar which is a wearer, the he was sick he is of his death and shrouded, and saw that it was snatched his shirt is his death Dream Interpretation in Islam

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